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Oregon has got it right! Accounting Software Selection Post

Posted by Adrian Montgomery on Thu, Dec 09, 2010 @ 13:12 PM


Let’s face it, today’s economy and staggering unemployment is the train no one wants to board, but Oregon has decided to do something about it.  In lieu of losing Rentrak to Vancouver BC, including 230 jobs, the state is actually considering implementing tax breaks to keep a them in Portland.  "Rentrak -- which has 230 employees pulling in $65,000, on average, according to officials -- had been considering a move to Vancouver. But government agencies approved inclusion in an enterprise zone for tax abatements and tax credits, a financial sweetener to keep the company in Portland." states  Cross your fingers that this is approved next week the Portland City Council and hopefully the light at the end-of-the tunnel will take us where we need to go! 

I wrote this blog based upon a recent article published by, wrtten by Brad Schidt, The Oregonian.  Accounting Software Selection is not affiliated with this writer or publication.

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