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Why Customers Choose DSG & NetSuite

NetSuite consultants San Jose You’ve heard that NetSuite is the #1 Cloud-based solution but how do you know if it’s right for your business and if it will run your business the way you want it run? Ask us. DSG knows NetSuite’s ERP solution better than anyone. It’s no accident that DSG has been voted one of the top NetSuite Solution Partners for the last seven years, and Netsuite Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year for 2013.

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Why Customers Choose NetSuite & DSG

  1. Solutions, not licenses: DSG focuses on business solutions and your business, not license sales.
  2. What you need, not what we want to sell: When you purchase NetSuite from DSG, you’ll only buy what you need. Nothing more.
  3. Straight talk, not lip-service: Customers buy from DSG because they like our straight talk approach to business, we tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.
  4. It’s our neck, not yours: Each one of our customers must be completely satisfied with their solution. Or we don’t stay in business.
  5. A partnership, not a transaction: We take a long-term view of our customer relationship instead of trying to maximize revenue and profit on a transaction.

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DSG was designed ground up to be a cloud solution provider. That means no working with solution vendors pushing old software that’s now hosted in the cloud. No working with hybrid options. And no working with vendors with unproven, bleeding edge solutions that could put your business at risk.

It’s Not Just About the Software

We work with the leading cloud applications — NetSuite and Salesforce™ — and enjoy a great reputation for the quality of our implementations and our commitment to customer success. But even these solutions can’t meet everyone’s needs all the time, so when necessary DSG augments our business and implementation capability with a technical capability that enables us to integrate, customize or create solutions — for example, the DSG Powered CRM Collaborator.

Agility, Flexibility and Time-to-Value

Just as we work with only the best, most proven cloud applications, so we have developed an implementation methodology, DSG Realize, that captures the essence of the cloud business model — agility, flexibility, time-to-value — and bakes this into how we implement these solutions.

CRM and ERP – You Don’t Have to Choose

You run an integrated business, you need integrated systems and you need a solution provider that understands both CRM and ERP and the interaction between these applications. At DSG, we’ve implemented – and integrated – hundreds of CRM and ERP solutions creating end-to-end business processes that bridge the gap between sales, operations and finance functions and teams and ensure value across the organization.

The DSG Difference – A Long-Term Partnership

The result is The DSG Difference which is the way we look at how businesses derive value from their solutions and the way that we work with customers. The DSG Difference includes a relentless focus on customer participation and decision-making at every stage of our Realize, Optimize and Revitalize methodologies, a key foundation to a successful long-term business partnership.