Marketing for the Modern VAR – How to Launch a New ERP Practice or Supercharge your Existing Practice.

 Acumatica Partner Program 6 25 2019 1

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Marketing has changed dramatically. In this session, Acumatica Director of Partner Marketing & Programs, Donna Krizik will share what we have learned from working with 200+ partners to launch their practices and accelerate their pipeline, generating qualified leads that close. From website optimization strategies to list-building vs buying, this deep dive will provide actionable steps you can start using right away. We’ll include some tips from our own experience as a publisher in a very competitive market. Bring your marketing questions and join us!

Why Acumatica ISVs Work with ERPVAR

    • ISVs work with ERPVAR to increase the awareness of their Acumatica add-on via ERPVAR's collaborative community.  If you are an ISV learn more here.

Why Acumatica Partners Work with ERPVAR

    • Acumatica partners work with ERPVAR to leverage our community of ERP experts.  We are an outsourced marketing agency working exclusively with ERP Partners and ISVs to generate inbound leads with custom ERP VAR and ERP ISV campaigns. 
    • As certified HubSpot Inbound Marketing platform partners, we implement, support and train our HubSpot ERP partner and ISV clients as an extension of their marketing team.  
    • In addition to custom ERP partner and ISV marketing campaigns, our popular website attracts leads with ERP partner directories, ISV add-on directories, expert blog content and expert webinars.
      • Each blog published to our Acumatica only blog gets sent via email to over 1,183 Acumatica blog subscribers.
    • Here a  few tips to consider: 
      • Keeping your website current with fresh new content
      • Presenting a consistent unified branding message
      • Consistent publishing on your own site and on other sites, partner sites, social media websites etc.
      • Using different forms of media like direct mail post cards, tradeshows, etc. to reach your target audience
      • Different ways to nurture prospects through the buying funnel
      • Introducing sales people at the right time in the sales funnel and maintaining consistent communication
      • Measuring what's working and identifying what's not