Customer Relationship Management

Customer satisfaction is important to growing your business.  CRM software can empower your team to better serve your customers by:

  • Connecting your sales force to the data in your accounting system
  • Connecting your customer support staff with customer sales history, credit status, and order status
  • Eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing errors
  • Pushing service levels to new heights

Front Office Meets Back Office with CRM Software Integration

The back office accounting processes are the backbone of any business. The financial balance statement can make or break a company. Accountants are well qualified for what they do. The front office sales and customer service teams can help your back office accounting teams accomplish objectives.

Now your sales teams can become focused on the profit objectives of your company using Accounting Software, providing an enterprise-wide, consistent view of customer activity and opportunities.

11 Questions to Ask: Are You Ready for CRM Software?

  1. Is your accounting business management system disconnected from customer service and sales?
  2. Is it important to have integrated business management systems between departments?
  3. Has your company experienced miscommunication between your back office accounting teams and your front office customer facing teams?
  4. Have your sales people sold to customers on credit hold by mistake?
  5. If your back office accounting personnel had access to your sales forecast would it be helpful in budgeting?
  6. When a sales quotation turns into an order does someone have to re-key that duplicate information into your Accounting Software system?
  7. Do your sales people use a separate system to record notes about customers that could be useful to accounting?
  8. Is your sales forecast important when it comes to budgeting?
  9. Do your sales people miss opportunities to collect on open invoices because they lack visibility to them?
  10. Do your sales lack visibility to customer item sales history, potentially handicapping their customer relationship?
  11. When a sales prospect becomes a customer does your accounting staff have to re-key the customer information into Accounting Software?