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2 Ways Cloud Warehouse Management Systems Helps Growing Companies Save Money

Benefits of Cloud Warehouse Management Systems

The recent shift in popularity of mid-market and enterprise-level cloud ERP software has intensified and created a perfect storm for the ERP software industry. The IT and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) industries are going through a rapid evolution with the adoption of cloud technology. In the past, companies were limited by the costs of locally installed or on-premise ERP software. Today, growing companies have the option of a more affordable and easier to implement cloud ERP software solution including distribution companies that need a Cloud Warehouse Management System. In the cloud ERP model, the vendor (cloud ERP software publisher) provides cloud or Web-based access to applications as a service, through a subscription pricing model. The ERP vendor takes responsibility for everything, including servers, storage, backups, system updates, applications, databases, and maintenance. This eliminates the need for customers to buy, deploy, and manage IT infrastructure, saving the customer large upfront deployment costs and ongoing maintenance headaches.

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Outgrowing QuickBooks? 4 Reasons to Select Microsoft Dynamics

4 Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Leading Choice when Outgrowing QuickBooks

Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed for growing companies that need modern and integrated systems to help boost productivity and increase revenue. If you are outgrowing QuickBooks or frustrated with an outdated system, your investment in Microsoft will yield long-term results by improving your existing operations. Dynamics GP helps your business grow by extending your capabilities to continue to expand well into the future. At the Accountnet Cloud, you’ll find information including featured Dynamics GP content, blog posts, product fact sheets, executive biographies, event images, product demos and screenshots. We help you discover is Dynamics GP is the right fit for your business with an extended relationship analysis (ERA) review.

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Infographic: 10 Ways Disconnected Software Systems Complicate Your Life

“Complicated” is never a world you want to describe your work day, yet numerous professionals who are forced to make sense of disconnected software systems often do. Organizations that use separate systems for invoicing, project management, shipping and CRM struggle with the complicated task of trying to make connections where no actual connections exist.

“10 Ways Disconnected Software Systems Complicate Your Life” is a concise infographic from CAL Business Solutions that highlights ten of the real-world problems that affect business professionals when they have to deal with disconnected business management systems. Some of those problems include:

  • Duplicate data entry – You end up wasting time on data that has already been entered, which opens the door for errors.
  • Difficult to locate information – Data is often entered in multiple locations and may contain slight variations on each system.
  • Hard to sync data – If your systems are not organically connected, you will have to find a way to manually make it happen. This costs money and time that could be spent elsewhere.
  • Team members are not on the same page – When people are working on different, disconnected systems with varying data, information is not shared and people are as disconnected as their software.

View the full infographic:

10 Ways Disconnected Software Systems Complicate Your Life

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ERP Consultant Selection – When it’s Time for a Change

ERP Consultant Selection: What to Look for in a New ERP Consultant

So you’ve already selected an ERP solution and unfortunately, there’s trouble. You realize that the ERP consultant (AKA - ERP reseller, ERP value-added-reseller or ERP VAR) isn’t working out for one reason or another. If your ERP consultant is failing to meet your expectations or unable to deliver on deadlines and projects, it’s time for a change. No matter how far down the implementation process you are, sometimes it makes better sense to find a more experienced and competent ERP consultant than to keep working with the same one you’ve got. Perhaps, you’ve had your existing ERP solution for years and you need to expand your operations beyond what your existing ERP consultant can do. Either way, it’s time for a change. Now what should you do?!?!

New ERP Consultant Selection

First, we recommend you maintain in good contact you’re your existing ERP consultant as much as possible. There's a chance that your issues are due to miscommunication or improper expectations. In this case, informing your existing consultant of your concerns will help give them a chance to make things right. In this case, it's often possible to salvage the relationship and move on without disruption. 

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5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Helps with Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP – Optimize Your Supply Chain in 5 Ways

Microsoft Dynamics NAV supply chain businesses select NAV because it's integrated solution is key to supporting all requirements like; sales, procurement, fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing and financial management. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a great fit for growing distribution companies that need robust supply chain management functionality. Efficiently moving goods through the supply chain to quickly satisfy the growing demands of your customers is essential to your businesses success. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you a flexible, scalable and affordable all-in-one business solution. It's a complete robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which gives you the ability to synchronize supply chain processes, automate for faster execution, reduce cycle time, increase customer satisfaction. You also have the option to improve trade partner collaboration with added EDI solutions. The most popular advantage that Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers to managers and business owners is that the reporting and dashboards all you to make smart decisions with real-time business insight.

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Nonprofit Healthcare Facility Eliminates Data Entry and Overpayments by Automating Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Sometimes when problems get complex, it is the simplest solutions that provide the best results. Such was the case for VNA Community Healthcare and Hospice, which used a complex and time-consuming set of procedures to process employee timesheets and make sure everyone got paid on time. Thanks to help from CAL Business Solutions, VNA was able to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP and cut the processing time in half.

Case Study: VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice-Nonprofit Healthcare Facility Eliminates Data Entry and Overpayments by Automating Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP

"We were manually entering 600 timesheets. Payroll took at least 18 hours a week. Now it is down to only eight hours per week with the Dynamics GP automation,” explained Maria Fowler, Payroll Administrator at VNA Community Healthcare and Hospice.

In the past the team would input the timesheet data into the old accounting system, but that system was not connected to the payroll system. They then had to manually perform payroll calculations before eventually transferring the information to the system that actually paid employees.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP automation, CAL helped this non profit save 10 hours per week. Because the Dynamics GP Starter Pack now includes payroll at no additional cost, CAL was able to configure it to automatically extract raw data from the revenue system and then perform the necessary calculations to ensure everyone got paid on time.

Payroll reports are also now easier than ever, and the company saved $20,000 in just the first seven months after CAL found a calculation mistake in the old system they were using.

This non profit healthcare agency:
• Automated a complex payroll process
• Fixed a payment error resulting in substantial ongoing savings
• Simplified financial reporting
• Increased user adoption with a user-friendly system

You can read the entire case study as well as others at

If you are evaluating accounting software or are using Microsoft Dynamics GP contact CAL Business Solutions, 860-485-0910 x4 or

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica partner.

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Whitepaper: Cloud ERP Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

Cloud ERP Implementation Whitepaper:  10 Questions to Ask to Avoid Costly Mistakes

- By the Cloud ERP Implementation Experts at Stratotech Partners, LLC. 

Your growing company is outgrowing your existing accounting and business management system. You realize it's time for a change. So now what? If you're outgrowing QuickBooks or any older legacy or custom system, you've probably heard it's a pretty big deal and investment to implement a new ERP system. Luckily, there are many resources to help you with a successful transition to a modern solution that's scalable, integrated and robust to accommodate your unique requirements. Finding the right ERP system will make all the difference in your company’s success. There are many options to consider when selecting ERP solutions: technology, architecture, platforms, a variety of roll-out or go-live methods, and local area ERP consultants.

Download our FREE whitepaper below to learn how to avoid costly cloud ERP implementation mistakes

cloud ERP implementation

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Whitepaper: Outgrowing QuickBooks? Why Microsoft Dynamics GP it the Best Choice

Why Growing Businesses Outgrowing QuickBooks Select Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you are outgrowing QuickBooks, we have experience in helping growing businesses through a proven process that helps ensure a successful transition. This process has been refined over the years by many QuickBooks customers who have made the change to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Everything you need – your operating system, database, personal productivity tools, e-mail, and business management system – comes from one trusted partner, Microsoft. lower implementation and long-term ownership costs, Microsoft Dynamics GP frees you to harness the power and flexibility of an award-winning business management solution. As a market leading, easy to use and robust system, Microsoft Dynamics GP is perfect for growing businesses. It helps you focus on your growing business.

Many QuickBooks users get frustrated with the software’s older architecture. Unfortunately, you put up with it for so long because you may not have felt the need to change your accounting codes. Did you know businesses will be forced to change in the next few years? This is due to changes in technology, the cloud, evolving business needs, since controllers and CFOs realize the benefit of tracking more accounting data for today’s business. Growing businesses outgrowing QuickBooks often need to have a better way to track currency, get automated financial reports versus excel and have the need for more secure data. In our complimentary whitepaper “Knowing You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks,” we review many clear signs to help you understand that it is time to move on. Please read the whitepaper for more information.

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Infographic: Have You Seen Dynamics GP Reinvented?

You might have heard of Microsoft Dynamics GP. You might have even used it in the past. But if you have not seen it lately, you need to see how Dynamics GP has been reinvented.

PowerGP Online is Microsoft Dynamics GP reinvented for the cloud.

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Auto-Generated Financial Ratios and Reporting with Your ERP System

Auto-Generated Financial Ratios and Reporting

Your business lives and dies by its financial ratios. They’re the tools you – and others – use to assess the relative strength of your company without having to weed through the detail on your income statement or balance sheet.

4 Main Types of Financial Ratios for Software Companies

  1. Liquidity - Liquidity is the ability of a company to pay its short-term bills. How liquid is the company? How much cash is available? How much do we have in short terms bonds? How much do we have in money markets? Your current ratio provides this information.
  2. Solvency - Solvency indicates a company’s financial stability. How much debt do you have compared to assets? A company with too much debt might have a problem managing cash flow.
  3. Profitability - These ratios help management measure the ability to convert sales to profits and ultimately cash flow.
  4. Efficiency - How efficient is your company’s inventory and receivables turnover? How quickly are you turning over your inventory? Once a year? Ten times a year? And how long does it take to get your receivables billed and paid?

A robust ERP system puts all of these ratios at your fingertips so you can easily use them to make comparisons to last month, last quarter or last year to see how you’re trending in your own history.

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