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11 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Sales and Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Helps with Sales and Marketing with Tight Integration to Microsoft CRM and More

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Sales and Marketing helps improve your customer relationship management (CRM) by improving the way both groups work to help increase productivity and visibility. This is another example of Microsoft’s continued commitment and development of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP). Sales and Marketing will benefit from some key improvements outlined below with the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. If you’re considering Dynamics NAV for your growing business, it’s a robust business solution that continues to be enhanced with each release. It’s quick to implement, easy to use and has the power to support your business ambitions. Key for the popularity of Dynamics NAV 2017 is integration and simplicity. This latest ERP solution offers robust business management functionality including Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

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NetSuite Consultant Reviews: 6 Qualities of a Great CFO

What makes a good CFO great? A NetSuite consultant perspective

A CFO becomes invaluable to a growing company once the CEO is no longer able to wear two hats – overseeing the operations and the books. A CFO allows the CEO to focus on the business while the CFO acts as a watchdog over the books to monitor the financial health. Every CFO is expected to have well rounded financial knowledge of systems and processes, a strong management acumen and business sense. Most good CFOs have a college degree in finance or accounting and often an advanced diploma or certificate. A great CFO has specific experience in your industry and brings a wealth of ideas to the table. role with leadership skills, not just in managing people and processes, but experience in making decisions that have shown positive results. So what makes a good CFO great? As NetSuite consultants, here’s our experience.

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Sage 100 Consultant Tip: How to Change Paperless Office PDF Location

Sage 100 Consultant Tip: Paperless Office PDF Location Change

Our Sage 100 (formerly MAS90/MAS200) customers really appreciate the convenience that Paperless Office offers to help save time and money while increasing productivity.  While going paperless is also a choice that businesses are making to be more environmentally friendly, the benefits are quickly realized once Sage 100 customers start to electronically print, copy, transact approvals and file for important documents. Once it's set up properly, Paperless Office is invaluable to help eliminate paper cuts and most paper flow in the office. Since this question came up more than once, I wanted to share our expertise on the subject. 

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Cloud Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Software Success Story

Cloud Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Software: An Enlightening Success Story

We are proud to share a success story of how Acumatica and Scanco helped a lighting manufacturer improve its internal processes and scale rapidly with the integrated solutions of Acumatica, Scanco, and JAAS Systems.

ABOUT CUSTOMER: Based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, FSC Lighting Inc. is a lighting manufacturer that started as a fluorescent lighting manufacturer and later expanded into LED lighting to offer controls, automation, and energy efficiency.  They offer a variety of lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and public sector projects. This 30-person manufacturing operation serves the local and surrounding community and is proud to employ 10 adults with developmental disabilities and up to 200 offsite from the Pomona Valley Workshop. For decades, the company ran on tribal knowledge and Sage DacEasy, which was never really set up properly. There was a tipping point in the company's growth where it was time to replace the outdated system and invest in new technology. The old system lacked accountability, traceability and couldn’t scale as the company grew. FSC Lighting chose Acumatica for its flexible, scalable, cloud-based ERP and excellent value. They also implemented Scanco and JAAS Systems for a fully integrated solution to scale with them as they continue to grow.

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5 Reasons Customers Move Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud

Why Host Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud?

If you're considering a new accounting system, it’s very likely that you'll consider the advantages of moving to a Cloud solution option. As Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants, we see a trend with more of our new and current Dynamics GP customers moving to the Cloud. There are several advantages outlined in this article that cover the top 5 reasons the Cloud is a preferred solution for many growing companies. You have the robust functionality of Dynamics GP, such as financial reporting, imports and integration, ACH capabilities and Fixed Assets. It’s the best of both worlds with the full capabilities offered with the robust solution Dynamics GP offers in a cost-effective SaaS or Cloud environment.

5 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud

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5 Ways Trade Promotion Management Helps Our Sage 100 and Sage X3 Customers

Why Do Sage 100 and Sage X3 Customers Need Trade Promotion Management Integration?

As Sage 100 and Sage X3 consultants, we help our clients with many process and tools that will help them run their business more effectively and profitably. Throughout the years, our team at Southeast Computer Solutions has worked with clients to implement and integrate Trade Promotion Management tools. So what is trade Promotion Management (TPM) and why did we develop an integration for our Sage 100 and Sage X3? TPM is a set of processes and tools that allow a company to manage trade promotions. A trade promotion is a marketing campaign directed at wholesalers and retailers instead of to the end users, consumer and customer of a product or service. For example, a wholesaler/retailer may receive a special price or discount for a product or product group for a specific period in addition to allowances they may have already negotiated. In order to effectively track the ROI and profitability of such campaigns, it's necessary to have an ERP system like Sage 100 or Sage X3 integration.  

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Infographic: Why Acumatica Cloud ERP?

6 Reasons Acumatica Is Considered the Best Cloud ERP

I've you're evaluating a new ERP system and think that a cloud ERP solution may be right for you.  As ERP consultants, we want to share what factors set Acumatica apart from the ERP competition. Check out this infographic below and download our free ERP System Evaluation Checklist

Infographic: Best Cloud ERP Software Evaluation Checklist

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5 Benefits of Analytical Accounting Dynamics GP

Analytical Accounting with Dynamics GP Helps Analyze Financial Data

Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting (AA) is another example of Microsoft’s commitment to help businesses increase productivity. AA empowers you with powerful functionality to analyze financial data with the specific criteria you require. Greater reporting flexibility allows you to analyze transactions in a more efficient manner. Analytical Accounting with Dynamics GP gives you better visibility of your operations. When you have access to the right data at the right time, you are empowered to make decisions with deeper visibility into your transactions. Analytical Accounting is especially beneficial for not-for-profit organizations and greatly enhances the Grant Management module.

Watch this video to learn more about Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting - this 8 minute video demos a simple setup for AA as well as some reporting options including SmartLists, AA Inquiry Queries and Management Reporter. 

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Which Cloud Financial Implementation Strategy Is Right for You?

4 Cloud Financial Implementation Strategies

Life is full of so many choices—especially technology options. In your personal life, that might be which smartphone to buy or video streaming service to subscribe to. The choices are infinitely more complex on the job. One of the biggest is which ERP system to implement, such as Intacct cloud financial software. But that’s not all! You get to decide how you’re going to implement your ERP solution. And that’s JUST as important as deciding WHAT software to choose.

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10 Ways to Simplify Your Business Life with Connected Software Systems

Remember when life was simpler? You may have started out in business with a sharp pencil and a boatload of ideas. Realistically, let’s say you started out with basic software systems and added to them as your company grew and needs changed. Now you find yourself the proud owner of several software systems, each designed for a specific need. But do they play well together? Do they make your life simpler or more frustrating? The latter can easily happen if your various software systems are disconnected.

We find that many of our clients use multiple systems: one for invoicing, one for projects, another for shipping and still another for CRM. Is this true for your business too?

Ideally, all of your systems are integrated and data passes easily from one to another. If that is not the case you may be finding that you have silos of information in one system that then need to be entered manually into another system in order for you to get the benefit of your data. That manual and duplicated data entry is sure to involve more time and resources and make your business life more complicated. That’s just one of the drawbacks to having disconnected software systems.

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