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Time-Sensitive Sage 100 Updates in 2022 with Big Impacts on Your Business

Time-Sensitive Sage 100 Updates in 2022 with Big Impacts on Your Business

Don't Miss Important Sage 100 Updates in 2022!

Sage 100 users who don’t take action by the end of 2022 face potential disruption when Sage ends support for two important capabilities. To maintain business continuity with your Sage 100 environment, it will be important to understand what’s changing, what your options are, and the potential negative impact on your business if you are not prepared.

5 Ways Sage 100 Updates in 2022 May Impact Your Business  

1. Basic Email Authentication May Be Disabled 

Basic authentication is used by your Sage 100 system every time you send an email from within the software. The following emails will be impacted:

    1. Email Invoices to Customers – this also applies to quotes and orders
    2. Email Statements to Customers
    3. Email Purchase Orders to Vendors
    4. Email Remittance Advice to Vendors and Customers
    5. Email Reports to Your Team

2. Critical Security Updates with OAuth Authentication Protocol

Sage Software, like Microsoft, is constantly improving data security for its Customers. This year it was deemed necessary to change the standard authorization framework from basic authentication to an authentication protocol referred to as OAuth. See the Sage 100 announcement here in Sage City

OAuth is an open standard authorization framework or protocol which enables apps to securely designate access. For example, you can configure Twitter so that it can access your LinkedIn profile and/or posts. It only shares required information which improves the security of your account significantly. If Twitter suffers a security breach, your LinkedIn password remains uncompromised in this scenario.

If you choose to do nothing to your Sage 100 system, you will be left without the ability to email out of your Sage 100 software. To work around that, you can adopt manual processes such as saving documents locally to your computer and then emailing them via another method. But as you can imagine, this is not a scalable process or the best workaround for those customers that send bulk emails, bulk invoices, or statements to customers daily.

In order to prevent disruption to your teams using Sage 100, it’s important to understand what your options are. First, you’ll want to identify whether you’re on a version of Sage 100 that will be impacted.

If you have access to Sage 100, launch Sage 100 (or formerly Sage MAS 90 or 200) to check your current version.

  • Access the Help menu - It's on the toolbar that includes File, Modules, My Tasks, View, and Help 
  • Select About or About Sage 100 to locate the version information
    Example: Sage 100c Standard 2016 (Version

Sage 100 Version 2021.4 or older - You may need a patch update or full upgrade. For example, users on 2021.1 may only need a patch update.

Version 2022.1 - users are on the most up-to-date version and should not need updating. Please consult with your Sage consultant or with Sage to make sure this is still accurate information.

PLEASE NOTE: It's always advisable to consult with your Sage 100 consultant before making any changes to your Sage 100 system to prevent any unforeseen conflicts. If you are unable to log into Sage 100, your Sage consultant may be able to help.

3. Date for Basic Email Authentication Termination Moved - Upgrade Required by Oct. 2022

Sage initially notified customers over the summer that the basic email authentication that is currently used in many versions of Sage 100 will be disabled on Oct. 1, 2022. Sage recently modified this date to Dec. 31, 2022, extending the date by 90 days.

4. Avoid Sage 100 "READ ONLY” Mode - New Requirement for TLS - Upgrade Required by Sept. 2023

Sage 100 will go into “read-only” mode if you have not updated your software to a version supporting Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2. Sage will be disabling support for TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 beginning Sept. 2023. While most users are on the correct version of TLS to maintain business continuity past that date, Sage is working with partners to help upgrade their customers and are still investigating alternatives to ensure customers are not shut down when Sage makes this switch.

TLS is a widely adopted security protocol designed to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over the web. In most cases, TLS is encrypting the communication between web applications (like your browser) and servers. TLS encryption can protect web applications from data breaches and other attacks.

Beginning Sept. 2023, Sage is requiring an upgrade to the most recent TLS version (currently 1.2) to ensure security. If you don’t upgrade your version of TLS to at least 1.2, your Sage software will enter a read-only mode. Once the software is in read-only mode, you're only going to have the ability to view your data. You will no longer have the ability to:

  • Add any additional data
  • Print or export data
  • Change transactions
  • Make payroll updates
  • Payroll calculations will not work

So you can see, the above points are an important reminder that this is a critical upgrade.

If you need more information on these critical Sage 100 updates, contact our Oasis Sage 100 team to learn more! 

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