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5 Ways a New Manufacturing ERP Helps Your Business Grow

5 Ways a New Manufacturing ERP Helps Your Business Grow

Grow Your Business with a New Manufacturing ERP Solution

The economy is constantly changing, and manufacturing companies have been hit hard by recent global supply chain disruptions. If you're struggling to adapt and grow, it's time to take steps to thrive within this ever-changing landscape. Consider migrating to MISys manufacturing ERP to enable your teams to make critical decisions about how to improve efficiency and help your production run more smoothly. A new manufacturing ERP solution implemented with the expertise of our Trivium Technology ERP and manufacturing consultants will help you manage bill of materials, raw material inventory, production scheduling, purchasing, etc.

5 Benefits of MISys Manufacturing ERP

1. Accurately Track Costs

Manufacturing and distribution costs take many forms so it’s important to understand and manage each type of expense to achieve the right balance. Understanding each cost and type is easy with MISys. It allows you to track job costs beyond a simple bill of materials.

You’ll get granular data on your labor costs and layered job-related costs (like overhead, direct AP costs, and status) with MISys manufacturing ERP implemented by Trivium Technology. You’ll get a complete picture of production costs so you can make crucial adjustments to inventory, materials, and production processes in real time. 

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2. Automate Inventory Management

MISys' automated Inventory Management gives you real-time information including the status, location, and disposition of goods, as well as their precise value. Easily access this data securely through internet-connected devices, saving you on hardware costs. MISys' inventory planning solution combines sales order data already existing in MISys manufacturing ERP. You'll get alerts when an order is needed to maintain proper on-hand quantities to fulfill all committed orders.

Real-time status updates help keep customers happy. Your customers will know where their order is in the supply process and enable you to keep your customers in the loop with order progress and tracking. This will help improve your customer satisfaction.

3. Boost Efficiency and Lower Costs

There are a number of ways an ERP system like MISys manufacturing ERP enables a major boost to productivity. For instance, MISys automates many of your repetitive tasks, freeing up team members to work on other projects that bring more strategic value to the organization. 

MISys helps you avoid costly mistakes. You'll see trends and be able to take proactive steps to grow and maintain your profitability by tracking details throughout the production cycle and then automating that essential reporting with advanced reporting capabilities.  

4. Manage Your Shop Floor

Clear definition of each production operation is the key to effective manufacturing business management. Shop Floor Control delivers the ultimate solution to running a manufacturing plant profitably by flowing you to accurately predict production costs based on estimated material, labor, and overhead, and allowing you to analyze actual production costs.


  • Tool Management
  • Work Center Management
  • Shop Operations Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Establish work centers for all production activities.
  • Define rates at which each work center can process its work.
  • Define days of the week when each work center is open.
  • Define an unlimited number of splits per shift, including optional splits for overtime, reserve labor, etc.
  • Define required material, labor, and overhead for each work center.
  • Roll up material, labor, and overhead costs throughout the entire product structure.
  • Create routing details for bills of material and manufacturing orders.
  • Estimate assembly times for any production quantity.
  • Predict start date for given completion date.
  • Predict completion date for given start date.

5. Flexible Deployment Options

MISys can be installed as an on-premise solution on a desktop PC or shared across a network. Alternatively, you can deploy MISys Manufacturing in the cloud by locating your server off-site or using a third-party provider to host both the clients and server at a secure facility that gives you anytime, anywhere access.

MISys manufacturing ERP is designed to help you achieve the success you projected and help everything work together seamlessly so it's easier to get your job done with quality results. MISys enables businesses like yours to streamline manufacturing, lower inventory costs, raise production efficiency and increase profitability.

Trust the MISys Experts at Trivium Technology

Trivium Technology, Inc. has over 25 years of experience providing ERP and Managed Services for growing companies across New England, New York, and New Jersey. Our team specializes in accounting and manufacturing software sales, service and support to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. We are certified value-added resellers (VARs) for MISys® manufacturing and Sage 100 software. We are also Lenovo Premier Partners, Intuit® Solution Providers (QuickBooks® Enterprise), and Managed Services Providers for IT services. When you work with Trivium, you will get a tailored ERP solution for your unique business with the flexibility and functionality to scale up to meet the demands of your clients. We partner with our clients to manage all business system requirements to free up your time and resources to spend working in the business.

Contact us today!  Visit our website, call 978-219-2500 or email to find out how MISys manufacturing ERP can help your business. 

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