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Zoho is an online CRM featuring cutting edge tools for your small to medium sized business. Since it’s a cloud-based software, you can access it anywhere and don’t have to worry about keeping track or taking the time to make cumbersome updates.  Sign up for the free edition and you can easily upgrade with us to get a paid account once you decide you would like to take advantage of more features and users.

The main features of Zoho include:

Contact Management    Email Marketing     Sales Management     Social Marketing                          

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We are here to help you with your CRM evaluation if you are exploring other options.  We provide our customers with user documentation and training videos as part of the value we bring.  Our experienced Zoho team will help with Zoho training or customizing to fit your company.  We also help integrate Zoho with your current systems for a complete and comprehensive integrated solution!

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What You’ll Get with Zoho Online CRM:   

Contact Management

The more you know about your contacts, the more strategic your marketing and sales teams can be to attract new business and retain existing customers.  Zoho helps you easily keep notes on your activity with prospects.  Zoho keeps all relevant contact information including their social feeds in one accessible location so you can stay current and keep in touch with prospects.  In Zoho you can easily connect prospect's LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles to prospect records.  Now you have visibility to even keep an eye on customer conversations and engage with them in social media without leaving your CRM!

Sales Pipeline Management

Zoho gives you an easy to read and understand display of all your sales activities with intuitive dashboards and customizable reports that can be created easily and without delay.  Now you can prioritize and make the most out of your sales efforts by knowing where prospects are in the sales cycle, deal size and history of interactions.  This will allow you and your sales team to know who to call first every day to help increase your sales opportunities and meet and exceed sales goals.

Integrate Zoho CRM with your website and route leads automatically to the correct sales person. Publish spam-free forms that can be easily customized with any critical information you need to best qualify a lead. Zoho will create a contact record straight from your website without you needing to worry about time-consuming data entry.  This website integration is critical to also help make sure opportunities literally don’t slip through the cracks which often happens with manual tracking.    

Email Marketing

Zoho has built in email marketing software that integrates with your CRM contacts.  Now you can build a list of people who want to hear from you and craft a professional looking mailing without knowing HTML.  Emailing prospects in Zoho is super user friendly since it bypasses lengthy coding to create visually attractive emails with a number of customizable templates to kick-start your email marketing efforts.  You can import your own templates and edit them within Zoho’s emailing tools.

Advanced tools are included to measure results and help you understand whatmarketing campaign is working and what’s not.   In Zoho, you can see who opened your email, forwarded the email, clicked on links or unsubscribed.  Zoho helps you compare multiple campaigns at a time to see what your subscribers are responding to and give you a chance to change your offering before you try again.  Why let go of subscribers who didn’t open your first email?  In Zoho, you can create a follow-up nurture campaign for these individuals which will help you efficiently manage the list.

Social Marketing

Take your email marketing campaigns a step further and promote them on social media through Zoho’s social media platform.  Post campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the form of links, images, and status messages.  In Zoho, you can view how many likes, comments or retweets you received.  It is also a great benefit to measure the engagement your social campaigns create and improve on future campaigns.  You can aslo schedule and automate campaigns to deploy in advance.