QuickBooks Webcast: 17 Ways to Reduce Outstanding Accounts Receivable

Accounts ReceivableJoin us on Thursday, September 13 to learn how implementing the following best practices can improve efficiency in collecting outstanding accounts receivable.

  1. Create A Plan
  2. Provide Timely & Accurate Information
  3. Develop KPIs
  4. Define Roles
  5. Standardize Messaging
  6. Document Activities
  7. Define Dispute Resolution Procedures
  8. Centralize Data Communications
  9. Manage Your Resources
  10. Score Customers Using Cost of Credit
  11. Be Proactive
  12. Focus on Key Accounts
  13. Automate Business Processes
  14. Secure Financial Information
  15. Involve Your Sales Team
  16. Escalate Trouble Accounts
  17. Work as a Team


QuickBooks Shipping Software

Tue, 9/14/2012 11:00 AM ET

describe the imageShipping Software Integrated with QuickBooks and Subsidized by UPS Saves Time and Money

•    Do you run UPS software (WorldShip) as a stand-alone application?
•    Would you like to own an automated QuickBooks shipping solution subsidized with UPS funds?
•    Would you like to make your shipping process more efficient?

During this webcast you will learn about an easy and inexpensive way to automate the shipping process through QuickBooks and improve efficiencies in the warehouse, accounts receivable and customer service.  Find out why thousands of companies utilize ShipGear to work less and ship more!

If you are interested in any of the foregoing 3 bullet points, please join us for this 30 minute program presentation.