ERP Mobility Solutions

ERP Mobility Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics Apps

ERP Mobility Solutions

At Clients First, we’ve found a way to access your ERP data from mobile applications that tie back to your ERP system.  These applications have allowed companies to realize efficiencies in areas such as shop floors, remote field service locations and even outside sales.

ERP Mobility Solutions Clients First TX ERP Mobility Solutions Clients First TX

Companies are realizing that mobility solutions result in more up-to-date and accurate information. For example, sales people need to have access to customer information and job history in a connected and disconnected fashion.  Our custom enterprise mobility solutions make this possible.  The speed of which we process information today is increasing; creating the need for precise real-time data that is easily accessible from anywhere.

The Clients First Texas team recognizes the benefits of ERP mobility solutions, and has developed a way to give you the advantage of operational agility in the form of mobile apps that tie back to your ERP system. With complete integration to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, mobility solutions can extend the functionality of your software by using the current infrastructure in a new interface.

Some ways in which companies have experienced the benefits in enterprise mobility are:

•    Field Service Management
•    Dispatching & Scheduling
•    Barcode, SKU and RFID
•    Timesheets
•    Shop Floor Management
•    End User Data Entry On-The-Go

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