Watch now: 6 Steps to Close More ERP Software Business

Date:  Thursday, December 15, 2016Acumatica_Social_Media_Strategy.png

Time:  10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Are you interested in closing more ERP software business?

There is no doubt the internet has transformed the way ERP software customers buy ERP software. The complexity and cost of implementing a new ERP software system strikes fear in every ERP buyer. It is a daunting process, indeed! These scrutinizing ERP buyers turn to search engines to find information to assist them through this extremely difficult transition. ERP sellers no longer control the information buyers digest in this process but you can tilt the scale.

Here are 6 ways to differentiate your expertise in the ERP software sales process:

  1. Define your ERP buyer's journey.Trust ERP software.jpg
  2. Develop a sales process that supports your buyer through their journey.
  3. Identify which stage of the buyer's journey the prospect is in and set goals for each call with the intention of moving the buyer down the buyer's funnel.
  4. Help buyers frame their goal or challenge and define your outreach strategy.
  5. Leverage your expertise to build credibility and assess how you can help the buyer with their ERP software selection.
  6. Serve as the translator (trusted advisor) between the generic information available online and the unique needs of the ERP buyer.

We hope to "see" you this Thursday, December 15!