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The Aurora EDI Alliance

We are EDI solution providers, comprised of a tightly knit group of U.S. companies specializing in the implementation and maintenance of (Electronic Data Interchange) EDI services and solutions in a variety of industries.  The companies in the Aurora EDI Alliance are recognized EDI experts, and can also provide consulting, system analysis, design, development, and training services as well.  Along with our extensive EDI experience, the Aurora EDI Alliance’s strength is based on focusing on the technologies, methodologies, and ERP applications we know best, thereby providing our customers with high quality, reasonably priced solutions for their EDI business requirements. Furthermore, we strive to ever expand our capabilities through employee education and rigorous screening of new EDI service consultants.  Our extensive list of satisfied customers and employees are testaments to these concepts.

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Experienced EDI Solution Providers

Complete Electronic Data Interchange Services and Support...

  • Install/Implement a New EDI Solution
  • Support Existing EDI Solution
  • Perform Transaction Set Mapping
  • Interface EDI Solutions Existing “Back-Office” Software
  • Install EDI-INT (AS2) Solutions
  • Train Your Staff in EDI Operations and Mapping

Assistance in planning for Data Synchronization and implementing an appropriate solution...

  • Software Review/Selection/Implementation
  • Data Cleansing/GLN and GTIN Assignment/Integrate with Item Synchronization
  • Synchronization with Trading Partners