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Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Edison NJ

Why Work with SBS Group?

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SBS Group provides business management solutions to help growing companies meet their operational, financial, regulatory, and technical challenges.  Through a proven process of Discovery, Analysis, Design and Delivery, we leverage ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, and Office Productivity technology to build, deploy, and support innovative systems in your data center or in the Cloud.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Business value depends on people and their relationships. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, take advantage of embedded Microsoft Office capabilities, full lead-to-cash visibility, guided sales processes, and actionable analytics to optimize your sales efforts; this allows your team to increase productivity and discover social insights that lead to overall customer success. Microsoft CRM is easy to deploy, integrate and customize, accessible from Outlook and the Web, and scales as your business grows. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available both online and on-premise.

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SBS Group is headquartered in Edison, NJ with over 30 offices across the country and in Canada.

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