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Dynamics AX consultantWhy Work with SBS Group?

SBS Group's expert consultants stay current on industry trends and product certifications enabling your Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation or Dynamics NAV upgrade to run on time and on budget.

We provide both on-site and remote Dynamics NAV training to get your team up-to-date as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our team of Dynamics NAV consultants in Denver, CO and nationwide are readily available to help you tackle any Dynamics AX issue you might encounter.  This includes error correction, procedural questions and general software application questions.  We answer "how to" questions, resolve suspended batches, usability, data corruption and more complicated or advanced issues.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete ERP enterprise solution providing you with a the flexibility to support the way you do business. Dynamics NAV has the ability to model our specialized business processes into Dynamics NAV while adopting best practices “out of the box” in other areas.

Dynamics NAV is an extremely flexible solution that can support, even enhance, our operational advantages. More importantly, NAV will grow and adapt as our business changes and processes evolve. With NAV, you can have it your way and you don’t have to rip off the Band-Aid in terms of the pace of change. NAV gives us security and longevity.

The ability to prioritize and support the status quo in some areas of the business was central to our change management strategy. NAV mitigated the risk associated with wholesale changes to the ways things have always been done. We controlled the rate of change and used NAV to support existing processes we knew would be implementation battlegrounds.

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