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AvidXchange has been helping mid-size businesses eliminate 100% of the paper from the Accounts Payable process since 2000.

If you're looking for a way to make your Accounts Payable process more efficient, grow your company without hiring additional AP staff, or just get rid of manual tasks (like data entry), you should consider AP and Payment Automation.

We commit to making you successful with our products and services, or we will adjust your payments until your issue is resolved and success is restored.

NetSuite Accounts Payable Automation

With AP and Payment Automation, you can:

  • Eliminate 100% of paper invoices and paper checks from your AP process
  • Get rid of all the filing cabinets crowding the hallway
  • Reduce processing costs by 60% or more
  • Eliminate manual tasks like opening mail and data entry
  • Grow your company without hiring additional staff


Community Trust Bank and AvidXchange

Duke Realty and AvidXchange

Humphrey Management and AvidXchangte Case Study

The Wilton Companies and AvidXchange

See why over 4.500 companies chose AvidXchange to automate their AP process.

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