Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Process Manufacturing ERP Software
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Food & Beverage Processors and Distributors face specific challenges that are not always met by standard process manufacturing software solutions.  When complying with the FDA, inventory tracking, recalls and special pricing must be handled simply and accurately without involving any complexities.

Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Microsoft Dynamics AX, paired with an experienced partner, can help food and beverage manufacturers overcome these challenges.  The tools inherent in Dynamics AX were developed to help food and beverage manufacturers meet demand, quality control and optimal inventory levels, all while maximizing profit margins.

The Leading Food Processing Solution

In addition to robust Financials, CRM, Supply Chain and more, here is a partial list of Dynamics AX Food Process Manufacturing Tools:

  • Formula Management and Security
  • Loss and Yield Control and Management
  • Nutritional Labeling and Analysis
  • Quality Control and Documentation
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and FDA Compliance Tools
  • GTIN Product Identification
  • Lot ID, Lot Tracking, Trace at the Sub/Lot Serial Level and Recall Management
  • Catch Weight Management
  • Shelf Life and Best Before Dates
  • Complex Multi-Location Inventory Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Trade Allowance Management
  • Vendor Rebate Management
  • Broker and Royalty Contract Management

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