Production Scheduling Software for Sage 500 ERP

JobPack is the Leading  Production Scheduling Software for Microsoft Dynamics GPProduction Scheduling Software for Sage 500 ERP Customers.

The JobPack Real Time Graphical Scheduler is designed for production manufacturing,  is a proven, easy-to-use multi-component scheduling system that can read-in routings and job plans from Sage 500 ERP (formerly MAS 500) and provide finite capacity scheduling to generate real delivery dates. Easy to implement and use, the JobPack Production Scheduler can be installed straight out of the box, with built-in workflow processes that efficiently and seamlessly manage and schedule the entire manufacturing order cycle.

Any of the JobPack modules– including the manufacturing production software – can operate as an integral part of the entire manufacturing system, or used as a stand-alone. So manufacturing companies can generate production orders, identify bottlenecks, calculate work orders, determine completion dates, strategize what-if scenarios, and all the while, obtain the pinpoint accuracy that's so essential in growing profit margins and staying one step ahead of the competition.

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JobPack Helps You:

  • Access work order status in real time – You'll always be in-the-know about production status, actual operation times and real delivery dates.
  • Improve control over components inventory - Get more accurate planning and streamlined production scheduling gives you precise on-time delivery.
  • Ensure optimal efficiency in all supply chain activities - Instantly identify procedures and processes that hinder out the door deliveries.
  • Reduce your overall costs - Reduce or eliminate overtime, weekend working, and subcontract work to catch up.

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