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Jemel Smith, A QuickBooks ExpertJemel Smith, Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

Knowing how to use QuickBooks is a good thing.

But are you using it to really learn about your company's current and future financial health? Do you have a business plan, and is it current? Is your cash flow in positive territory? How do you stack up to your competitors?

I'm Jemel Smith, and my Accounting and Tax firm, Bottom Line Tax Services LLC, can help you answer those questions and many more.  In my many years of consulting with businesses, I've been able to turn struggling companies into profitable ones. My clients have learned how to better understand and manage their finances through my educational approach.

In many cases, I've taken over responsibility for all of their accounting and tax work. This saved them a great deal of money in staffing costs, and it ensured accuracy, timeliness of financial transactions and smart reporting. They knew where they were financially – and where they were headed, whether I trained them in accounting and QuickBooks basics or took the reins for them.

We can do the same thing for you. The Intuit-certified ProAdvisors on my staff and I are experts in both accounting best practices and QuickBooks. Together, we have decades of experience helping companies like yours evaluate their financial situations, their strengths and weaknesses, and put together a solid plan for a more profitable future.

Large corporations have the resources to hire armies of accountants and tax experts. We can offer you – as a small or mid-sized business -- the same level of service for less than the cost of one of those professionals. Our affordable offerings include:

We have a simple, clear Mission: We use our considerable skills and combined knowledge to educate business owners on financial and technical tools that will help them succeed and prosper.

We offer our clients tremendous Value by giving them access to a team of experts when they're needed, without the expense of hiring full-time staff.  We can put together a customized plan that will meet your company's needs, whether that means occasional support in specific areas or a regular monthly slate of tasks.

The Benefits to you are clear – and many. When you hire us, you immediately begin to improve the focus and financial foundation of your company. Your relationships with customers, vendors and employees are better because money is being collected and moved in a competent, timely fashion. You don't have to sweat the details, so you have more time and energy to devote to building your business. You're confident that your bookkeeping is being done correctly, so you're more comfortable making decisions and plans.

My Vision – the reason I started this firm and assembled a world-class staff in Atlanta – is both personal and professional. Just as I like seeing my Boston sports teams win, I like watching companies thrive. I like helping them overcome their biggest challenge – increasing profitability – by teaching them how to manage their money, or by handling that arduous task with the help of my staff.

Successful businesses move this country's economy forward. And successful businesses can better support other businesses and individuals in need, something I've seen in my involvement with community and professional organizations.

That's why I'm so passionate about what I do. Let us help you renew the passion for your own work by taking on your financial management. We know accounting, we know QuickBooks, and we know how businesses must operate to stay in the black. So be one of our growing crowd of success stories.


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