Sage 100: Automated Inventory Cycle Count, Pick, Pack, Ship and Payments


Automated Inventory Counts  4 18 2018


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Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

Together StarShip, Scanco, CertiPro, American Payment Solutions will present an advanced automated inventory cycle count and streamlined pick, pack, ship process with payment processing for Sage 100.

Automated Inventory Cycle Counts

  • Integrates with Scanco  Multi-bin WMS and Stock Physical Counts
  • Set-up the number of times to count items in the year
  • Sends emails to counters on what to count each day
  • Supports multiple warehouses and multiple companies with different cycle count schedules
  • Manages Inventory Items life cycle.

Latest in Directed Picking and Auto Select Orders by Fill Rate

  • Automatically ship all Sales Orders by selection Fill Rate, today's orders to go out, percent fill rate and ship complete
  • Optimize inventory based on customer priorities and prepare ship batches next day and next week
  • Latest in directed picking so the system advises the goods you want your pickers to select
  • Zone picking, pick to totepick for multiple and single orders
  • Split picking for primary picking, overflow and zones

Automate shipment processing with StarShip to:

  • Eliminate manual re-keying of data into carrier systems
  • Multi-carrier / Multi-mode allows you to rate shop and ship small parcel and LTL carriers from one application
  • Streamline international shipments and automatically generate associated documents
  • Create custom emails and labels to strengthen your brand and drive repeat business

Automate payment processing with American Payment Solutions to receive:

  • PCI-DSS compliance assistance at no additional cost
  • Some of the lowest American Express fees in the entire industry!
  • Next Day Funding available (American Express included)
  • Access to the Level III Gateway for lower Business to Business interchange rates