Watch Now: Enhance Sage 100 ERP with a Fully Automated Order Processing Solution!

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Title:   Completely Automate Sage 100 ERP Sales Order Processing with an Integrated Pick, Pack, Ship and Manufacturing Solution

Date: Thursday, April, 3, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Learn how StarShip, Scanco, ACS Group, and JDB Solutions Group work together to bring you an integrated streamlined supply chain and manufacturing automation solution for Sage 100 ERP. 

During this complimentary webinar learn how Sage 100 ERP customers can automate the entire warehouse and manufacturing process we will show you how to:

  1. Use iOS, Android, or Windows devices to receive purchase order items into the warehouse.
  2. Use iOS, Android, or Windows devices to efficiently pick, pack and stage orders.
  3. Direct pick for a single order or enable wave picking for multiple orders.
  4. Efficiently pick in Bin Location order and by Warehouse Zone/Region.
  5. Stage orders while maintaining accurate views of inventory in real time.
  6. Stage finished goods for Quality Control automatically.
  7. Advanced features for directed put-away of manufactured goods.
  8. Specialized options to pick and track components and raw materials through the manufacturing process:
    • Complete finished good and print labels for container or pallet tracking immediately.
    • Track outside processes through manufacturing with a Dashboard to track it as well. 
    • Track material issues and completions on work orders.
    • Track Labor and work order positioning on the shop floor.
    • See work order information with a “Live” dashboard.
    • Capture QC or special information needed during manufacturing and attach to a work order.
    • Coming Soon Track manufacturing on Apple IOS as well as on PC’s, tablets, touch screens or mobile devices.
  9. License Plating to track and ship optimum inventory in pallets, case packs and containers (NEW)
  10. Automate shipping from the scanned information, parcel and freight.
  11. Send email shipment notifications complete with item to package detail.
  12. Reduce carrier address correction fees using the embedded address validation features.
  13. Take advantage of 3rd party insurance to save up to 85%.
  14. Easily report on late deliveries to obtain refunds.