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Why Clients Choose DWD Technology Group


Over the years, DWD has helped hundreds of companies choose business software solutions that best fit their needs.  Through these years, we've learned a few important areas that should be considered when evaluating new software for your business.  Our expert consultants will walk you through a detailed needs assessment to help determine your must have features and ensure you select the best software solution for your unique needs.


Maintaining a high level of client satisfaction is the driving force of DWD Technology Group. This is accomplished through a keen focus on building solid, trusting relationships and delivering what's promised.


DWD recognizes the importance of building solid, trusting relationships with its clients.  We work hard to keep our clients and our employees happy.  Our high employee retention rate allows our clients to build strong, long lasting relationships with our consultants.

What DWD Technology Group Clients Say

“In contrast to virtually every other vendor we’ve worked with, DWD has delivered everything promised and its systems have provided exactly what we needed for our business”  Belmont Beverage Stores

“DWD did an excellent job customizing Sage 100 ERP and detailing the hardware required to meet our company’s needs.  Their consultants understood each of our department’s requirements and made the right recommendations to implement this software, train our staff and give us the ability to continue to build upon the program as we continue to grow”  Master Spas

Why Clients Choose Sage Sage 100 ERP

Sage 100 ERP Standard (MAS 90) and Sage 100 ERP Advanced (MAS 200) is recommended by more CPAs than any other business management application in its class.  Clients choose Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200) because it offers small and mid-sized businesses a broad selection of integrated business management solutions.

Sage 100 Advanced ERP (MAS 200) offers all the features and functionality of Sage 100 Standard ERP (MAS 90) and provides increased processing power, enhanced data integrity and scalability. 

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