Sage 100 ERP Field Service Automation

Sage 100 ERP Field Service Automation by Information Integration Group, Inc. (IIG)

Information Integration Group, Inc. (IIG) has developed a complete and automated Field Services Management vertical enhancement, built into Sage 100 ERP. Core features and functionality of this end-to-end solution include:

Automating the following Technician Scheduling processes:

  • Manage technician activity using a drag and drop Dispatch Board.
  • Allows for creation of multiple dispatch board views by defining the information displayed for each service call as well as the selection criteria for displayed service calls.
  • Allows for addition of new services calls using the dispatch board.
  • Allows for auto creation of tasks based on entered preventive maintenance contracts defined.
  • Allows for auto creation of installation service calls based on options selected during order entry and the routing options defined for the item.
  • Match technician skills to requirements defined for each nature of task.
  • Track technician availability and prompt for customer scheduling conflicts.
  • Display history of service calls for a specific item/serial number or for a specific location.
  • Auto generation of renewal invoices for annual contracts.
  • Deferred revenue tracking for annualized contracts.
  • Ability to set rates for material and labor based on defined contracts.
  • Auto generation of contracts from the Sales Order module using template contracts linked to inventory items.

Automating the following Inventory Control processes:

  • Track inventory at customer site and maintain technician truck inventory.
  • Allows for creation of purchase orders for material needed for service calls; visual display notifies dispatcher as product is received for the generated purchase order.
  • Tracks profitability of contracts by analyzing billings and costs incurred for both material and services provided during the term of the contract.

Optional Field Mobility integration, using handhelds, with the Service Management platform:

  • Allows field service technicians using any handheld device (Androids, iPhones, iPads, Surface and other tablets, or notebooks) to:
  1. Access task and dispatch information in the field.
  2. Change the status of tasks and dispatches assigned.
  3. Enter labor and material used in the field.
  4. User licenses are not required for field technicians using IIG's mobile integration solution.

Optional Mapping Software automation:

  • Integration with MapPoint and MapQuest allows dispatchers to view the location of each technician and route technicians accordingly.

Contact IIG: 

Phone: 818-956-3744 x237

Email: sales@iigservices