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Warehouse Management Sage 100 ERP Multi-Bin 


Sage 100 ERP Multi-Bin

What is SWK Technologies Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution for Sage 100 ERP?

It's easy for warehouse managers to feel overwhelmed when inventory layout is unstructured, distribution is unmanageable, and item shortages surface during inventory picking. You can conquer these problems with Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution! Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution is an enhancement for the Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 applications developed by Sage Software. With this enhancement, you can track multiple bin locations per item/warehouse, providing you details about the exact bin location, the amount available in each bin location, and the amount available for distribution – giving you control of your inventory at all times. 

Why use Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution?

Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution is designed to help streamline the inventory picking process and to ensure items will be available at picking time. With Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution, you can enter a single item in several bin locations or place several items in one bin location and the exact location will be listed on the picking sheet. When one warehouse has an item available and another warehouse does not, the salesperson that places an order for the item will be able to send the order to the correct warehouse to ship the item to the customer immediately. When a salesperson places an order and sees that the warehouse has the quantity available, the item will be secured to that order and will be available during sales order picking. 

Who is Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution for?

Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution is the ideal solution for manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, or any business needing to track an unlimited number of bin locations for each warehouse and inventory item. 


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