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We’re not software salespeople, we’re your business advocate

Why VBS?

We are not software salespeople - We're your business advocate!Picking the best solution can be puzzling, because one size does not fit all. We offer multiple solutions on multiple platforms - everything from small AP/AR modules to full-blown manufacturing with integrated back office. PLUS with our training and experience we can consult with you to understand your business and identify opportunities for maximizing key business processes. Only then will we recommend the solution that fits best for you - not for us.

We want to keep you as a happy customer and we know that you will not be satisfied if we sell you a solution that doesn't fit. Contact us to help you pick a winning solution that will make your business better!

The way we deliver services is different... a surprisingly and pleasantly refreshing way. Here are two of our commitments to you that you are unlikely to see anywhere else:

We review software systems regularly in our market segment (Small to Medium Enterprises), even those we don't currently represent because as your advocate we need to know the best options available.   Everything we evaluate is tested against our measurments (see our 'Why these vendors?' criteria under the Software Solutions menu).  We very carefully add and eliminate those vendor's products from our portfolio of options as they perform against our criteria.  We will not offer or endorse a product just because it's the biggest name in the industry or because it feels safe or because everyone is selling it...NEVER!  It's about your business and you write the checks, we don't and we want to be your business advocate.

Because improvement requires change, if we're told you want a new process in your system BUT it needs to work just like the old one, we may have to tell you it's impossible, but we'll also tell you why.  If you insist we will kindly tell you to save your money and keep your current system/process.  What software vendor would ever tell you that when they can sell you more tools and custom coding?

Our experience tells us the most successful projects have participation of all the parties.  To that end, we have developed a system to maintain a single collaberative implementation process shared by all the parties reducing miscommunication, lost documents, and missed or ill-timed steps in the project plan.  Today we are all mobile and electronic, so why shouldn't our tools to manage a very important project like your business system implementation conform to today's methods of communication?   Ours do, for you, with iNow.

We will not sell you a solution that does not fit. If it is not a good fit, we will tell you so and try to help you find one that will - even if we don't sell it.  Will anyone else do that for you without charging you?

Take a look at the commitment we make to our clients...

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