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The Sage 500 ERP Pick List Manager enhancement was created to enable seamless integration between the Office and the Warehouse. Using our Pick List Manager will help supervisors organize and make remote changes to the pick list in real time. Orders will be released from the queue in the order that they were inputted into the queue. Priorities are determined according to FIFO, Red Label and other logics. High Priority orders will be placed higher in the queue to ensure it gets pulled accordingly. Pick List Manager helps to increase picking efficiency, which decreases labor hours and more importantly reduces picking/pulling errors.

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Seamless Integration and Cost-Efficient Use
Pick List Dispatcher works with Sage 500 ERP's Database and adds Graphical User Interface. It extends the database given information of Physical Inventory Batch without interfering with its performance.

Designed for your ERP system
Pick List Dispatcher uses .NET technology to make integration with Sage 500 ERP system easy. It will not interfere with other add-ons or regular software updates.

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