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Why Customers Choose CompuData

We believe that better technology solutions mean better business.

CompuData specializes in providing business software and technology solutions that is customer and solution oriented. CompuData offers a vast spectrum of IT solutions not limited to the areas of accounting, distribution, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), hardware and data storage, systems integrations, network management, security, and cloud services. And with over 40 years of technology and customer satisfaction obsession, we have learned a thing or two about delivering technology solutions that provide scalability and ways to increase profitability.

Why Customers Choose Sage 500 ERP

Make Smarter, Better, Business Decisions With Seamless Access to Key Areas of Your Business

Sage 500 ERP is a powerful ERP business and accounting software platform to help your business operate at its full potential.

  • Fully customizable systems management platform
  • Drill-down and drill-around capabilities for complex analysis
  • Automated processes to reduce time and increase efficiency 
  • Track, analyze, and process all work or transaction orders

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