Sage ERP RemoteXerver

Sage 100 ERP RemoteXMore and more, we are relying on applications that communicate over the Internet. These applications consist of one program that makes a procedure call to another program. Since the two programs may be on different computers, or even on different systems on opposite ends of the world, this call is referred to as a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) . There are two parts to the RPC - a client side application and a server side application. The client side initiates the RPC, and the server side executes the desired procedure and returns the results.

Remote Procedure Call resized 600RemoteXerver is an implementation of XML-RPC. XML-RPC is one of many ways to perform RPCs, but is gaining wide acceptance because it uses a standardized XML document to hold the request and response for the RPC.       

Access Providex resized 600RemoteXerver is an XML-RPC framework that enables the creation of ProvideX-based XML-RPC client and server applications. These client and server applications allow programs written in ProvideX running on one system to communicate with programs on another system over the Internet or any IP network. Since XML-RPC is an industry standard, RemoteXerver will allow ProvideX programs to communicate with programs written in other programming languages.


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