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Sage ERP X3 ERP Consultants, Serving Charleston, SC and Surrounding Areas

Sage X3 Charleston, SCYou need to work with people who understand your industry, your business, and the pressures you face on a daily basis.

Our ERP consultants have been on your side of the table. We know that technology for technology’s sake does not add value to your business. We work with the end result in mind, using only the most applicable technology for your business. Our toolbox contains Sage ERP X3, Sage ERP 100 and Intaact.

We recognize that there are two major reasons why companies change their business management software:

  1. They need a feature or report they don’t have, and not having that feature or report is negatively impacting their business.
  2. They are getting raw data instead of data that provides the knowledge they need to make critical business decisions.

Midsize companies aren’t just looking for systems to improve their transactions – they also want a partner whose questions and advice will help them find the best business management solutions for their business. Here’s why we believe Oates & Company is the best choice to be your partner:

Oates & Company has:

  • Longevity – we have been in business since 1988.
  • Reach – we have over 350 clients in the Southeast.
  • Loyal Employees – the average employee works at Oates & Company for 7.5 years.
  • Experience – all of our consultants have been Controllers, Assistant Controllers, or on IT support teams for large departments.
  • Insight – our consultants have been on your side of the table.

Most importantly, Oates & Company is in it for the long haul – most of our clients have been with us as long as we’ve been in business, and your company can expect the same lifelong service.


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