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MAS 500 AnaheimSage MAS 500 ERP Premier Support Provider Bellingham, WA

A romantic beginning: ACI was formed by two former Sage Software employees in 1993.  A true romance, two employees worked side by side in the telephone support department of what was then known as State of the Art.  They fell in love, got married, and the wife stayed at State of the Art while it became Best Software and then Sage Software.  The husband, having done consulting for most of his adult life, worked at State of the Art for one year, then began supporting it independently, by himself. 

ACI incorporates and grows: As more and more happy clients came on board, desiring a higher level of customer service, ACI needed to hire more employees.  In 1996, ACI incorporated and hired its first full-time consultant in addition to the owner. From there, other team members were added as ACI grew. 

Expertice builds and Excellence award follows: In 2001, ACI became a Master Developer, striving to provide a higher level of programming service to its clients.  Also, in 2001 ACI began offering network services to its clients.  In 2003, Sage MAS 500 was introduced from ACI as an alternative to growing companies.  In 2003 and 2004, ACI won the prestigious Circle of Excellence award from Sage Software.


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