Sage CRM Data Integration

Sage CRM Connector

Our SageCRM connector provides complete and tight connectivity with SageCRM, enabling you to rapidly integrate any application. Integration is made through our configuration based and code-free middleware solution, IMan.

The connector is dual direction, meaning data can be both uploaded to and extracted from SageCRM. The connector supports all entities, including custom entities, providing a ‘no restrictions’ platform with which to integrate external applications with SageCRM.

To provide you a flavour of what can be achieved, some of our previous projects have included:

  • Data takeon and migration.
  • Ongoing lead/company imports – import of lead and company data from several sources.
  • Complex application integration – multi-entity synchronisation (company, person, address, email, opportunity, quotes & notes) between SageCRM and external systems.


  • Supports custom entities and fields.
  • Hierarchically aware – Relationships between entities are enforced for both data import and export.
  • Changes and updates to integration jobs are made seamlessly through the dynamic detection of field and entity changes.
  • Record level synchronisation is made possible through the capture of record ID’s when inserting and comparison of record timestamps on update.
  • Simplified Company and Person imports allows a single input record to update Company, linked Address, Phone, Email & Default Contact entities, removing need for complex transformation. Linked Entity types (Phone, Address, Email) are dynamically queried, based on the parent entity.
  • Inline lookups against SageCRM data for data translation and extraction and entity ID identification.
  • Integrates through a combination of SData and webservices so entity and field level security is preserved.
  • A time-limited data migration license available.
  • Supports version 7.0 and 7.1.