Sage 100, 500 ERP and Sage X3 ERP Kitted Inventory Pricing Automation and Optimization Software


Price Optimization

Price OptimizationAdvanced Pricing Logic's Promoter® features a uniquely intelligent and intuitive interface. We provide retailers, distributors and manufacturers with a comprehensive no-nonsense conduit to intelligently maximize the sell price of an entire database in minutes.


Price Inventory Bundled Kits

inventory trackingPromoter's Bundles & Kits logic intelligently imports, then sums up the individual pricing of your kitted inventory items for re-pricing. Keep on top of your kit costs! Promoter's logic insures that you have a simple effective way to stay up to speed.



Sales Promotion Optimization

Price OptimizationWant to create a sale or a big promotion? Promoter® will assist! Create an effective, revenue increasing sale in minutes! When creating a sale or promotion, figure out what your bottom line is before you unleash it. Promoter's powerful Promotions module will even optimize the prices of sale products.




The Promoter®System

How is our system superior?

Using Promoter® you can:


Set your pricing goals upon process launch. Whether it is increased market share, higher profitability or a combination of the two and more, you will be in control of the process.


Within the Promoter® Big-Data analytics engine, you will not miss important internal as well as external metrics that factor into arriving at the right price at that very moment for your business.


Promoter® promotes continual process improvement through a patent-pending design. For example, many pricing operations, as they develop and prove valuable to an organization may be repeated over, and over again. Save it. Store it. Rerun it with confidence over and over again.


Promoter® price automation is truly a process, and is the ultimate pricing toolbox. Forming several steps, multiple strategies can be applied and blended as desired.


The answers become obvious, once the visibility is available into your product mix. Whether to discount, increase prices, leave well enough alone, you're in control of the process.

Execute Implement

Create the right balance between flexibility and fast response. A major barrier to higher profits is the ability to execute the pricing process in a timely manner over tens of thousands of SKU's. Promoter® solves the problem!