Sage 100 ERP Rental Management


Streamline Sage 100 ERP Rental Management

IIG's Rental Management solution, built into and compatible across all platforms (i.e. Standard, Advanced, and Premium) of Sage 100 ERP, helps companies modernize and streamline their rental and crew management processes. Known as the Rental Maestro, this enhancement allows companies to fully manage rental operations, and handles such functionalities as the generation of quotes, the application of flexible pricing and billing options, the viewing of real-time inventory, and the automation of warehouse operations.

Here is a list of critical features and functionality provided by IIG's Rental Maestro:

Rental Order Processing 

  • Flexible Pricing Options - Support for daily, weekly, monthly (user-defined periods). Set rental prices by customers. Allows for kit (or lot) pricing.
  • Flexible Invoicing Options - Bill in advance upon return; or periodically. Set invoicing policy for extended rentals. Ability to generate invoices based on entered billing schedule.
  • Allows for the entry of different rental inventory reservation and rental billing periods by order.
  • Ability to track and bill customers for damaged or missing inventory.
  • Ability to process kits and rental packages.
  • Ability to load items into rental order and return transactions by scanning the serial number of items.
  • Generate user-definable rental contracts, invoices, and pull sheet forms.
  • Insurance expiration date validation in the Rental Order.
  • Shipping rental orders grouped by rental job number.
  • Ability to select all or desired rental orders to return. Fast scanning and auto distribution logic in the Rental Return Entry.
  • Quick printing of rental returns.
  • Tracks the costing of jobs by rolling up revenue and expenses for sold products, rentals, crews, and sub-rentals.  

Inventory Management

  • Tracks the status of serialized items; allows for the creation of user-definable and serialized item status codes.
  • View time-based inventory availability; drill down to specific orders for a given period.
  • Orders are managed by allowing users to process partial returns, early returns, or late returns. Each item’s billing is reconciled upon a given item's return.
  • Ability to generate sub-rental purchase orders from the Sage ERP Sales Order Entry program; allows the tracking of sub-rentals for return to vendors.
  • Fast scanning and auto distribution for Rental Serial Items in the Sales Order lines.
  • Swapping of serials in the Sales Order lines, which allows for the entry of old and new serial numbers, and processing of old serial numbers as returned and new serial numbers as rented.
  • Alias item recognition in the Rental Return Entry.
  • Ability to schedule preventive maintenance tasks for equipment, and track past rentals of serialized items. 

Crew Management

  • Allows for required skill verification by nature of task, and checking potential scheduling conflicts.
  • Ability to enter required crewing at the time of the rental order entry.
  • Ability to collect and invoice work completed by the crew in the field, and load tracked information into the Sage ERP Payroll system.
  • Schedule deliveries and pickups.