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Warehouse Automation Sage 500 ERP

Sage 500 ERP Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Automation module for Sage 500 provides you with a wireless solution to streamline order picking and cycle counts for your warehouse personnel which instantly feeds information back to your Sage 500 system with proper validation. Your data collection is more timelier and more accurate when your warehouse employees are able to record their activities using these handheld devices.

  • Real Time and Batch Mode Connectivity
  • Seamless Integration to SAGE 500
  • Installs in less than a week
  • Does NOT use MAS user licenses
  • No Terminal Services
  • Analytics Available for Reporting
  • Real Time Console for Managers to view whats happening in the Warehouse
  • RFID Integration.

Shorten Your Pick, Pack, and Ship Process :

Handheld devices provide you with a fluid process to perform the picking task for one or several orders. When the selected order appears on the handheld, the system displays all items that are to be picked—sequentially or one at a time—directing the picker to the appropriate bin for each item. At the end of your picking process, all completed pick items will be sorted according to common customer Ship-To Addresses, Shipment Dates, and Shipping Methods, simplifying the start of your packing process.
After Shipments are generated and the picking process is complete, it’s time for the handheld Packing task. Pack up all your items into a single package or select the next box indicator to break the shipment into multiple packages. You also gain the ability to divide the contents of one shipping line into two or more packages.

Shipping information flows directly to Sage 500 and you can see it when you access the Edit Shipments task from the desktop. From there, you’ll be able to view shipping transactions and send the appropriate Shipments to StarShip if desired.

Make Inventory Reconciliation Really Work for You :

Do you experience significant write-offs when you take your annual or semi-annual physical inventory? Most of the time, it’s a mystery as to how many transactions contributed to these inaccuracies or when they occurred. Worst of all, by the time you find the discrepancies, it’s too late to make adjustments to get your profitability goals back on track. You may have considered the technique of cycle counting to address this issue in a timelier manner, but the execution of manual cycle counting seems impractical due to the time it takes. Warehouse Automation for Sage 500 enables you to get control of inventory reconciliation in a swift and accurate manner by supporting both your full physical count or cycle count events.

Continue to Work During RF Disconnections:

With Warehouse Automation, handheld processing continues during unintentional disconnections from radio frequency communication. If you walk out of RF range or if the RF network goes down, you can carry on your critical, time-sensitive warehouse activities. Also, after reestablishing RF communication, simply run the Synchronizer that validates the handheld data and sends it to Sage 500. Any data that fails validation goes to a separate table that can be viewed from the desktop, edited, and re-sent to the appropriate tables within Sage 500. You can even take advantage of planned disconnected processing by running the Synchronizer in advance of performing activities out of RF range, such as taking a physical count at non-RF-enabled warehouses or stockyards. After the disconnected activities are complete, simply run the Synchronizer again to complete the process