IntegraPaya Nuvei Logoted Sage 100 Credit Card Processing

Paya has a rich and extensive history of working with Sage 100, dating back to the early days when the original solution was known as Sage Payment Solutions (SPS). Over the years, Paya (formerly SPS) has evolved into an independent company, establishing itself as a leader in providing the most comprehensive and reliable Sage 100 payments integration available in the market. Unlike other payment providers, Paya has built a reputation for its exceptional Sage integration, unwavering commitment to top-notch ongoing support, profound industry expertise, and steadfast focus on platform innovation.

With Paya's integrated Sage 100 Payments, you gain access to a turn-key payment solution that saves you valuable time but also helps you reduce costs through streamlined payment acceptance. Seamlessly connecting with Sage 100, this solution offers dynamic and real-time invoicing and sales support, ensuring that your payment processes are efficient and hassle-free. Additionally, the bi-directional communication between the payment portal and Sage 100 empowers you to make real-time updates as needed, ensuring that your financial data is always up to date and accurate. Furthermore, the Sage 100 Customer Portal easily integrates with popular eCommerce solutions like Magento®, enabling you to leverage world-class multi-channel commerce and fulfillment capabilities.

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