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4 Tips for Selecting a Sage 100 Payments Solution

4 Tips for Selecting a Sage 100 Payments Solution

What Sage 100 Payments Solution Works Best for Your Business?

If you are looking for a Sage 100 credit card processing solution, the good news is you have options. While you may be tempted to choose the option offering the lowest rates, it's essential to consider the total value your credit card processor can provide. This blog offers four helpful tips to help you select the most suitable Sage 100 payments solution for your business.   

4 Tips Sage 100 Payments Solution for Your Business

The integrated payment solution you select should help save money and provide customers with an exceptional payment experience to encourage repeat business. However, several Sage 100 payment processing options are available, and they are all different. It can get confusing to decide which is the right choice for your business. Here are four things to consider when evaluating options: 

1. Choice of Payment Types

Nowadays, customers expect to pay with multiple payment methods in addition to credit cards. You'll want to find a payment solution that offers affordable rates for several payment types, such as ACH and Cloud EMV.

ACH payments or checks are still the preferred way customers may want to pay with most business transactions. Paya makes it easy to offer customers options. In addition to credit card payments, Paya offers ACH payments for customers in the U.S. that want to use something other than credit cards to pay but want to transfer over to the ACH network. EFT processing is available with Paya for business with Canada. 

Cloud EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) is becoming a popular payment method to look for in a payment provider. The EMV chip is the newest fraud prevention technology for card-present transactions, but what about contactless payments? Cloud-based servers host cloud EMV transactions, providing you access to a "terminal" through a web service. As a result, software updates are faster and easier to implement. Additionally, transaction data is not saved on the terminal, simplifying data administration. This virtual terminal offers Sage 100cloud users the most straightforward approach to managing on-premise and cloud payments.

2. Flexible and Automated Payment Processing

A flexible payment solution makes managing multiple credit card processing scenarios easy. The Paya Sage 100 payments solution offers robust, end-to-end payment processing capabilities with streamlined back-office processes, improved reconciliation, and simplified payment data management through a unified interface. Our Sage 100 credit card processing features include automatic invoice posting to payments, scheduled and recurring billing, e-invoicing, card account updater, and account management for stored charges. In addition, Paya enables Sage 100 users to save money through saving time with automation, including:

  • ACH Processing - Built-in Integrated ACH enables faster customer payment cycles
  • EMV® Integration - Count on Paya's encrypted, PCI-compliant Sage 100 integration
  • Flexible Pricing Options - Flat rate, interchange, pass-through, cost plus, and tiered
  • Payment Center - Increase cash flow by accepting credit/debit and ACH
  • Automatic Level 3 Data Enrichment. It helps qualify for lower processing rates
  • Paya's Advanced Fraud Protection. Our proprietary fraud database and tokenization of transaction data help to minimize fraud
  • Easy installation and set-up, no long-term contracts, outstanding support
  • Account Updater 2.0. Automatically updates stored consumer credit card information
  • Start processing faster with same-day underwriting
  • Pre-authorized payments
  • Auto-payment of recurring invoices
  • Next-Day Funding - Rapid batch processing accelerates cash flow.
  • "Click to Pay" links on an emailed invoice.
  • A web-scale, PCI-compliant, highly-secure transaction platform for payment processing
  • Financial health monitoring through comprehensive, customizable reporting
  • Auto-payment of recurring invoices
  • Stored tokenized card information to expedite future payments

3. Level 3 Processing

One of the ways the suitable payment processor can help you lower your credit card processing costs is by selecting one that offers Level 3 processing. Visa and Mastercard designed this type of merchant credit card processing to lower transaction rates and fees for corporate and government cards by passing additional data fields when you verify a payment so that your transaction qualifies for the lowest rates. As a result, Paya customers often see a significant drop in transaction fees on corporate and government cards. 

4. Reliable Integration with Sage and 3rd Party Add-Ons

Paya has a long history with Sage 100, dating to the early days when the original solution was Sage Payment Solutions (SPS). Since then, Paya (formerly SPS) has been an independent company and continues to deliver the best Sage 100 payments integration in the market. However, not every payments provider has Paya's reputation for reliable Sage integration, top-notch ongoing support, deep industry expertise and continuous focus on platform innovation. 

Paya's integrated Sage 100 Payments is a turn-key payment solution that will save you time and money with streamlined payment acceptance. It seamlessly connects with Sage 100, offering dynamic, real-time invoicing and sales support. It also includes bi-directional communication between the payment portal and Sage 100 so you can make real-time updates as needed. The Sage 100 Customer Portal connects eCommerce solutions such as Magento® so you can take advantage of world-class multi-channel commerce and fulfillment. 

Do More with Paya and Sage 100 Integrated Payments

With over 25 years of industry experience and 2,000+ industry customers and partners, Paya, a Nuvei Company, delivers more straightforward, efficient, and deeply integrated payment solutions. Paya is committed to providing best-in-class integrated payment solutions across the full suite of Sage ERP products. We are proud to be Sage's preferred partner for Integrated Payments in the U.S.   

At Paya, we are unique because we emphasize solutions engineering, engaging our domain experts in the early sales process. Through a collaborative but simple hands-on process, we develop a deep understanding of our partners' current processes, pain points, and requirements to ensure you get a platform and system with the capabilities you need. As a result, Paya has enabled businesses to optimize billing and invoice processes, deliver more payment options and greater flexibility to their customers, and improve back-office efficiencies.

Contact our Paya team to schedule a free consultation today! Please email us or call 888-695-2838.

Learn more about how our credit card processing experts, solutions, and processes can benefit your organization and save money. 

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