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Mobile advancements are helping field service organizations realize efficiencies long promised by field service management software. As your clients’ enterprise business systems caretakers, learn how ERP VARs are uniquely positioned to help their clients and capitalize on this lucrative software market.

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How to Make Field Service Management the next Logical Extension of Your ERP Business

Posted by Adrian Montgomery on Mon, Dec 09, 2013 @ 15:12 PM
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If you were the manager or executive of a company, you’d want to make sure your business processes were run as smoothly as possible to enable you to better compete in the field. For field service organizations, this means utilizing a field service management software that can automate and integrate both accounting and industry-specific tasks. As an ERP VAR, you can profit from field service organizations with both field service management and ERP software needs.

With integrated field service and ERP technologies, field service organizations don’t have to transfer data manually or learn how to operate two systems. And with companies adopting mobile solutions in growing numbers, field service organizations can no longer ignore industry-specific, field service management (FSM) software if they want to succeed in the field. So, the question is: how can ERP VARs make the most of this growing technology trend in field service?

A Major Business Opportunity

By embracing the emergence of mobile and FSM technology and integrating those solutions with ERP systems, ERP VARs can capitalize on the booming FSM market by offering to sell field service software integrated with ERP sales. VARs focused solely on selling ERP systems will fall behind their peers who are up on this trend in field service and able to integrate the two systems.

Tap into a Burgeoning Market for ERP Connected Mobile Users

According to a biennial Gartner study, “Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management,” field service software revenue is approximately $1.2B/year, up from 329M/year in 2011. The FSM software industry is clearly exploding! And by offering mobile or other industry-specific technology along with traditional ERP functionality, you open your VAR to huge year-over-year growth potential.

As caretakers of enterprise business systems for field service organizations, ERP VARs are uniquely positioned to help field service clients while benefiting from the growing mobile and FSM software market.

Field Service Repair Guide

How do you plan to take advantage of field service management and ERP integrations to increase this year’s profits for your ERP VAR? Download this free guide to learn more about the ERP VAR’s opportunity in field service management software.

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