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The Best Acumatica Human Resource Software for Your Small Business

Managing HR tasks can be overwhelming, but not with the most affordable and the best Acumatica Human Resource software on the market. BizRun's all-in-one integrated Acumatica HR solution allows you to easily manage every aspect of your people-related tasks and sync them to Acumatica. Our innovative solution offers comprehensive features, including digital onboarding with electronic signatures, efficient time and attendance tracking, simplified payroll forms, streamlined compensation management, effective performance evaluation tools, and comprehensive training and certification management. By eliminating complexities and streamlining HR processes, BizRun empowers you to focus on what truly matters - nurturing and supporting your valuable employees. Our user-friendly interface and robust functionality allow you to optimize your HR operations and create a harmonious work environment that fosters growth and success. Trust BizRun to revolutionize your HR practices and unlock the full potential of your small business.

Acumatica Paid Time Off

Enhance operational efficiency and ensure accurate data in your organization, all while reducing expenses and boosting employee satisfaction. With BizRun's employee self-service feature, your team members have the power to effortlessly update payroll forms, request time off, and modify federal and state withholdings. Plus, the status of their requests is easily visible to everyone. Best of all, any approved changes are automatically synchronized with Acumatica ERP and Payroll, streamlining your processes and ensuring seamless integration.

  • Empower employees to resolve requests on their own

  • Update contact information, direct deposit, I-9, W-4, federal & state withholdings

  • Complete onboarding forms

  • Review PTO balances and submit PTO requests

  • Once approved, data is synced to Acumatica

BizRun HR Task ListsConvert a task that is difficult and tedious into a smooth and easy process. With BizRun, streamlining the onboarding of new employees becomes a breeze. Seamlessly direct digital documents to new hires for swift electronic signatures. Assign tasks to individuals or departments to guarantee completion. Plus, conveniently monitor the status of all these to-dos in a unified list. Empower new employees to confidently start their journey, knowing they have the best technology tools at their fingertips.

  • Build and save onboarding lists for reuse
  • Tasks are automatically routed to those responsible

  • Track the status of each task at a glance

  • Automatic reminders ensure everyone completes their tasks

  • Instantly send and receive government forms like I-9s and W-4s

  • No paper necessary, thanks to eDocs, eSignatures, and uploaded scans

  • Completed forms go right into the employee's digital folder

  • Once approved, employee data is updated in Acumatica

Acumatica Timekeeper BizRunEnhance Acumatica Cloud ERP with mobile timekeeping and PTO that’s integrated with Acumatica Payroll. Employees can clock in from wherever they are. Supervisors can review and correct time cards. Enjoy shared PTO calendars and automatically calculated accruals.

  • Clock in from mobile or desktop
  • Only charge to projects approved in Acumatica
  • BizRun supports bimonthly payroll with overtime
  • Employees can submit PTO requests and view balances themselves from mobile or desktop
  • Time cards and PTO requests get routed to supervisors for approval
  • Everyone can see PTO on multiple shared calendars in Google & Outlook.
  • Once approved, data is synced to Acumatica

Digital Employee RecordsWith BizRun, you’ll never be more than a few clicks away from every employee’s important documents. BizRun gives you a place to store all that employee-related data that may not be in Acumata: employment history, compensation history, onboarding documents, training and certifications. And employees can actually fill out forms in BizRun like I-9s and W-4s, and have that data sync to Acumatica.

  • Update values in BizRun’s friendly interface, rather wrangling with the Payroll Tax Settings in Acumatica
  • EEO/ Demographics
  • Emergency contacts
  • Training, licenses and certifications
  • Employment history
  • Compensation history
  • Performance reviews
  • PTO accrual
  • Important documents

All in One HRBizRun streamlines and simplifies every aspect of HR. That means less busywork. Less paper. Less stress. And more opportunities to help every employee at your company perform their best and love their job.

  • Interactive org chart. Put a face to the names in your organization.
  • Time & attendance. Timekeeping from mobile and desktop in two friendly formats.
  • PTO management. Know who is taking leave when, and avoid understaffing.
  • Compensation management. Supervisors can route pay change requests to the appropriate party for approval.
  • Performance management. BizRun gives you an easy way to handle performance reviews that’s flexible and customizable.
  • Training & certifications. Track employee certifications and licenses.
  • Employee records. Store all of the employee-related information that may not be in Acumatica.
  • Recruiting & applicant tracking (additional fees apply). Post jobs to multiple job boards and track applicants.
  • Configurable workflows & routing
  • Manage data in the Payroll Tax Settings screen from BizRun
I priced every payroll and timekeeping solution in Acumatica’s marketplace... I feel BizRun is far superior to the other solutions and we could not be happier with our choice. Plus, we are getting more for our money with BizRun than any of the other solutions, and their support has been amazing.
Jennifer Chinnis
Controller, Select Commercial Services

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