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Acumatica Cloud ERP can be enhanced with mobile timekeeping and PTO integrated with Acumatica Payroll. BizRun provides the most affordable and best Acumatica Time and Attendance software available. Employees can clock in from anywhere, and supervisors can review and correct time cards. You can enjoy shared PTO calendars and automatically calculated accruals with this all-in-one integrated Acumatica solution, which comes at a price that won't break the bank.


Acumatica Timekeeper BizRun

Collaboration is a crucial element of HR. It involves multiple individuals to approve and sign off on various requests and changes. BizRun simplifies this process by automating all of your workflows. You can easily route documents for electronic sign-off with just a few clicks. BizRun also sends follow-up emails automatically to ensure timely completion of tasks.

  • Robust timekeeping at a great price

  • Clock-in mode and timesheet mode provide flexibility

  • Employees select projects and tasks pulled directly from Acumatica--only the ones they're authorized

  • GPS timestamp validates punch-ins

  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet capabilities let employees track time anywhere

  • No more manual imports into payroll! BizRun syncs with Acumatica Payroll, automatically.

BizRun Payroll integrationBizRun seamlessly integrates with Acumatica Payroll, revolutionizing your business operations. Effortlessly track time charged and time off taken in BizRun, which is then seamlessly transmitted to Acumatica Payroll for streamlined processing. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to export data to CSV format, allowing compatibility with a wide range of payroll systems.

  • All the Acumatica Payroll features you need. Plus all the BizRun features you’ll love.

  • Employee self-service update of payroll data in BizRun. Direct deposit, federal & state withholding, contact information.

  • Once approved, BizRun updates Acumatica Payroll automatically.

  • Pay rate and pay type changes, once approved in BizRun, are automatically transferred to Acumatica.

  • Use BizRun's intuitive interface to update the Employee Payroll Tax Settings tab in Acumatica.

  • Employee self-service view of payroll documents.

  • BizRun calculates overtime and supports bi-monthly payroll.

Acumatica Paid Time OffBizRun integrates with Acumatica Payroll to streamline your business operations. Time charged in BizRun as well as time off taken is transmitted to Acumatica Payroll for processing. We also export to CSV for use with other payroll systems.
  • Employees can submit PTO requests for supervisor approval.

  • BizRun identifies conflicts before they happen and shows the best days to request.

  • Forget manually tracking vacations and sick days! BizRun calculates PTO balances based on your policies.

  • Employees are immediately alerted if their request exceeds their accruals—no back and forth with supervisors.

  • Integrates with Outlook and Google shared calendars

  • Mobile review and approval of PTO requests

BizRun routing and approvalsOne of the essential aspects of HR is obtaining input and approval from multiple individuals regarding requests and modifications. BizRun simplifies and automates all of your workflows, making the process seamless. You can effortlessly route documentation with a few simple clicks for convenient electronic sign-off. Moreover, follow-up emails are sent automatically for your convenience.
  • Supervisors can quickly review, correct and approve time cards and PTO request.

  • Workflows are configurable. Route to a person or to a role.

  • Review hours and details in a daily or weekly snapshot, and gain insight into employee productivity.

  • Once approved in BizRun, time card data is transferred automatically to Acumatica.

  • Roll Call shows who is clocked in, not clocked in, and anyone with time off.

  • Every timekeeping touchpoint is logged for auditing.

I priced every payroll and timekeeping solution in Acumatica’s marketplace... I feel BizRun is far superior to the other solutions and we could not be happier with our choice. Plus, we are getting more for our money with BizRun than any of the other solutions, and their support has been amazing.
Jennifer Chinnis
Controller, Select Commercial Services

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