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Accounting Software New York Consultant Reviews VENDOR Invoice and Approval Automation

Accounting Software New York Consultant Reviews VENDOR Invoice and Approval Automation

Accounting_software_new_york_2Accounting Software New York Consultant Reviews ReQlogic: Vendor Invoice and Approvals and More…

As accounting software and Microsoft Dynamics ERP consultants, we get excited when we find a solution that extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics and saves our customers time and money.   ReQlogic empowers you with Accounts payable automation and more and allows you reclaim precious time and reduce mountains of paper work. ReQlogic is easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface, strong workflow, approval queues with mobile capability and a step-by-step audit trail that gives you real time visibility into your operations.  ReQlogic is also highly configurable and flexible, allowing you to upgrade and adjust the system and workflow setup as your company grows and your business changes.  ReQlogic  is a browser-based solution for eProcurement, requisitions, invoices, expense reports, and time tracking for over 40,000 Microsoft Dynamics users worldwide.

ReQlogic Requisitions enables automation, management, and control in their purchasing process with a browser based application allowing users to view, review and approve requisitions.  From their suppliers’ website, users can add items to their requisition or to a soft copy from the vendors catalog.  Utilizing the clients existing approval process, completed requisitions can be approved before a purchase order is created for spend controls.  Thorough controls allow the configuration of vendor/supplier selections and options, mobile functionality, “e-paper trail” and audit trails. ReQlogic Invoicing allows users to enter and monitor the status of vendor invoices and check requests. Including advanced and flexible routing options, this solution routes invoices to reviewers using dynamic routing policies.  Once approved, ReQlogic creates the corresponding AP transactions. Offering attachment of supporting documents, vendors can enter their own invoices and submit for approval, web-enabled phone support, detailed audit trails, and thorough controls.

Expense Reporting:  Accounting Software New York Consultant Review

ReQlogic Expense Reporting enables employees to submit expenses electronically using a number of sources such as images or emails. Managers can approve/reject submissions using their computer or mobile devices. You have the ability to use originating currency, receipt capture via mobile phones, and provides employees with the ability to view the status of their expenses. If building efficiencies and controlling costs is a priority, then you need to know that ReQlogic can help you manage 60% or more of your organization’s expenditure more effectively, and that it delivers the tightest integration possible with Microsoft Dynamics.

ReQlogic is a powerful browser-based solution that drives eProcurement, requisitions, invoices, expense reports, and time tracking throughout your business, delivering seamless two-way integration and eliminating double entry as ReQlogic and MS Dynamics are populated bi-laterally.
ReQlogic gives business managers, administrators and employees throughout your company the ability to measurably close gaps in communication by providing teams with predetermined options and a clear approval process. Over-spending can be greatly diminished when managers have complete visibility before spending occurs.

Feature-rich options and benefits include:

  • Powerful Routing and Advanced Workflow
  • Approval Process Optimization
  • Requisition Control
  • Budget Control
  • Encumbrance Management
  • Electronic Vendor Invoice Processing
  • Expense Receipt Capture
  • Project Integration
  • Punch Out and Catalog Connector
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Mobile functionality for review/approval/time and expense entry – anytime, anywhere

With multi-language capabilities, and a proven implementation methodology, ReQlogic’s seamless integration with all of the Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and rich capabilities make it the solution of choice for managing advanced workflow. As the longest established provider of eProcurement solutions for the entire Microsoft Dynamics suite, ReQlogic provides stability, expertise, and long-standing Microsoft partnerships.

Get direct, real-time integration with all four Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. Regardless of how you configure your e-procurement solution, ReQlogic upgrades are automatic, seamless and stress-free. Flexible, easy to configure and most of all easy to use, it’s no surprise that ReQlogic is the industry leader.

Accountnet routinely helps clients find the right business solutions for their company. Whether you are already a Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics SL customer, or want to explore how these ERP systems can help you run and grow your small to mid-sized business, we are here to help.  Contact Accountnet today for a comprehensive Accounting Technical Review.

Our Accountnet ERP implementation experts offer a needs assessment service that will help you determine your business’s unique requirements and find the right ERP and BI reporting solution for you. We are a Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics, and can help you determine whether Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics SL, paired with powerful BI reporting tools, might benefit your operation or whether a cloud ERP solution, like Acumatica, is a better fit.

Contact us to take advantage of a free needs assessment to get started.

At Accountnet, we have helped hundreds of companies take the step towards the cloud. Our experienced and dedicated team of ERP consultants offer a free phone consultation and a no-obligation review of your software to help you determine the right solution for your company.

Drop us a note or give us a call at 212-244-9009 to get started.

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