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cloud erp software selection Cloud ERP Software Selection: 6 Important Considerations

As ERP consultants who have been a provider of cloud ERP software and on-premise ERP software since 1999, our years of experience offer a unique perspective to provide in the analysis of cloud ERP software.  Have you been using ERP systems for years and need to upgrade?  Are you looking for your first ERP or business solution software? If so, you probably have heard by now that it’s a good time to consider cloud ERP software. Businesses today need to make the most out of every investment, the trend for companies of all sizes is to run lean by outsourcing to the experts the services that make sense, such as IT. Here are 6 of the biggest reasons our customers choose SAP Business One Cloud when evaluating cloud ERP options.

Cloud ERP Software Selection: 6 Reasons Why Customers Choose SAP Business One Cloud

With cloud ERP software, specifically SAP Business One Cloud, you can have all the depth and flexibility of SAP with the advantages of outsourcing your IT to a cloud provider.

1. Fast Onboarding:

With cloud deployment, you can be up and running on SAP Business One Cloud in as little as two weeks. An experienced SAP partner who provides a preconfigured solution ready to import your existing data and begin working is an ideal solution.

2. Low Upfront Cost:

SAP Business One Cloud includes all the software, infrastructure and technical support to begin working. If your servers are in need of being replaced, now is a good time to consider moving to cloud accounting software. Let the experts in IT handle all of the updates, adding users, backups and maintaining equipment.

If you are just starting up, using the cloud is a great way to control your initial costs for equipment and personnel. Using an experienced SAP Business One Cloud hosting provider allows you to focus on your business while they take care of your IT.

3. Pricing:

With SAP Business One Cloud, one price covers everything you need! A predictable monthly cost that includes software, hardware and support allows you to focus on managing funds for other areas of your business.

4. Security:

Choosing a hosting provider with both physical and network security, protects your data from loss, virus and other threats.

5. Flexibility:

Get the flexibility that everyone wants! Access all of your data from any Internet location – work from home, the road or other offices. If you have a multi-office business, the cloud allows you to unite offices within one software, with one data source. Need industry specific solutions? There is an abundance of industry specific options that expand your functionality exactly the way you need it.

6. Scalability:

As your business grows, you won’t outgrow SAP Business One Cloud! There are numerous ways to expand SAP without shopping for new software.

I-Business Network is an SAP certified data center provider and is an SAP Gold Partner! We have been providing cloud accounting software and hosting since 1999. Contact us to learn about SAP Business One Cloud and what it can do for you. Call or email Jan Lawrence at or 678-627-0646 ext. 249.

Watch our SAP Business One Cloud video:


We know that the above is a lot to consider and we want you to have all of the tools necessary to make this journey pain free. Remember to create a plan and work your way through it. Get advice from others in your industry. Call industry professionals like us. I-BN offers a ½ day workshop to help you determine whether you should consider upgrading and outline your value/budget definition!

CONTACT US, CALL US 678-627-0646 or EMAIL US at and a member of our ERP consultant team will help evaluate your ERP options whether you are outgrowing QuickBooks, another entry level accounting software, or if you need to enhance your existing ERP software.

I-Business Network (I-BN) is an ERP and cloud solutions provider since 1999. Established by professionals in the accounting and software industry, I-BN has provided cloud hosting and business solutions including industry-specific solutions for distribution, light manufacturing and professional services. I-BN specializes in sales, implementation and cloud hosting for ERP software. We have deep experience and knowledge of Sage 100 ERP and SAP Business One software and understand its unique requirements and the support that you will need. Our national network of business software solution providers enables us to provide a local presence for training, implementation and support.

Another version of this blog was previously posted on the I-BN Blog website on July 15, 2014: Five Reasons to Choose SAP Business One Cloud

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