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Many startup companies may not feel comfortable going with a full-fledged ERP/accounting software system right in the beginning and instead opt for more basic accounting software, such as QuickBooks. However, those startups sometimes find themselves in a bind when they begin to expand and find out how difficult it can be to manage their growing business with QuickBooks.

A good example is HealthyCT, a nonprofit insurance co-op in Connecticut. They used QuickBooks very briefly but when they received federal funding through the Affordable Care ACT (ACA), and the organization really started to grow, they knew they needed a more powerful accounting system.

HealthyCT called on CAL Business Solutions to help the company transition from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Part of the project was to help them re-engineer the Chart of Accounts and ensure the migration of the accounting data. The entire move was done very smoothly.

A few of the benefits:
1.    Dynamics GP gives HealthyCT security and audit trails needed for government compliance.
2.    It gives them the flexibility to take their financial data and slice it and dice it and look at it in many different ways.
3.    With analytical accounting that is fully customizable, they can see their financial reports however they need to see them, meeting both internal and external requirements and regulations.

HealthyCT is quite convinced that Microsoft Dynamics GP is great for start-ups and larger businesses alike. It is adaptable enough to work on basic accounting but scales nicely as a business grows.

Chris Masi, CFO for HealthyCT commented, “I think in the context of a start-up organization that is looking for a substantial amount of growth, CAL Business Solutions is certainly able to accommodate both ends of the spectrum. On one side Dynamics GP is a cost effective solution for a start-up but at the same time it is a solution that you can feel confident will grow with you and accommodate a bigger business down the road.”

You can read the full case study of HealthyCT's transition from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP and the amazing growth it experienced at

Microsoft Dynamics GP nonprofit success story

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,
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