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Maximize Your ERP Accounting Software: 5 Tips to Find the Best VAR

Maximize Your ERP Accounting Software: 5 Tips to Find the Best VAR

Your ERP Accounting Software Needs the Best VAR for Your BusinessERP Software Nextec

Are you getting the most out of your ERP accounting software system? Is your ERP system providing you with the appropriate return on investment? Is your company taking advantage of your ERP system’s capabilities? Are your employees struggling to adopt your new ERP system due to lack of training or lack of buy in? If so, it might be time to consider finding a new Value Added Reseller (VAR).

In our experience working with ERP software solutions for the past 20 years, the ability to successfully implement an ERP system depends a lot on the ability of the VAR to deliver the ERP solution to fit your business. It goes without saying that not all VAR organizations are alike. This being the case, it is important that when searching for a new VAR you understand what questions to ask. The following are five questions that you should be asking when interviewing for a new VAR partner.

5 ERP Accounting Software VAR Interview Questions: 

1. Is the ERP software system that my company uses a core focus of your VAR organization?

With more ERP systems on the market than ever, many VAR organizations sell and implement multiple systems. You need to ensure that your new VAR is keenly focused on the ERP system that you are using. So, find out how many clients they support, how many new implementations they have done in the past 12 – 24 months, and how many customers they have on the current version of the ERP system.

2. How large is your organization?

While size does not ensure quality, it does provide some insight into tenure, sustainability, and in-house expertise. If you have a large user group logging into an ERP system on a daily basis, chances are that you will have questions that you would like answered by an expert. You need to be certain that the VAR you work with has the manpower to support you.

3. Do you have a Help Desk and/or support line?

While many VARs claim that they provide support, the reality is that their consultants are out in the field working on new implementations. An existing customer that has a question is often left trying to connect with a consultant after hours and/or on weekends. So, find out if your VAR has a support desk and an established process for helping existing customers

4. Do you have experience in my industry?

It is not imperative that the VAR have dozens of clients in your sector, but it is important that they have in-depth expertise with the modules that are central to your use of the software. Ask to speak with the experts so that you can get a feel as to their knowledge, communications styles, etc

5. Aside from support, what else can I expect?

All VAR organizations can provide support and assistance (some faster than others!). You should expect that, but what else will they do for you? Ask your new VAR candidate how and when they will communicate with you and what they will do to pro-actively help you get more value from your ERP system. Do they provide tutorial webinars? Do they notify their customers about exciting new add-on tools or third party modules that might be of interest? Do they conduct semi-annual “state-of-affairs” meetings? Find out if they really add value!

The goal of every organization is increase productivity. The effective use of an ERP system can help a company to achieve this goal. If you are feeling underwhelmed with the results of your ERP system implementation, it might be the right time to seek out a new VAR partner. If you have questions about getting the most out of your ERP software investment, our industry experts are available to help. Please feel free to contact the NexTec Group at 206-505-7980, by EMAIL or visit our website at We would be happy to discuss all your options in more detail. At NexTec Group, we’ve been implementing ERP software solutions and supporting businesses for more than 20 years. Our clients are primarily SMBs (small-to-midsized businesses) in industries such as food & beverage, manufacturing (process manufacturing), distribution, pharmaceuticals, chemical, energy (oil and gas), and related industries.  

Another version of this blog was posted on NexTec’s Blog: "5 Must Ask Questions Before Signing A Partner Contract"  by James Ritterbusch

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