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QuickBooks CRM: Why Implement a Customer Relationship Strategy?

QuickBooks CRM: Why Implement a Customer Relationship Strategy?
QuickBooks CRM

Keys to Growth:  QuickBooks CRM and a Customer Relationship Strategy

It is our experience most companies start their business using a back office accounting software like QuickBooks.  In the beginning if you have a limited amount of customers it is somewhat simple to manage your customer relationships manually using QuickBooks, a Rolodex or perhaps a paper and pen filing system.  If your company grows as anticipated soon you will require a customer relationship management (CRM) software system. In order to select a CRM system it is good practice to develop a CRM strategy.

Why should QuickBooks users implement a customer relationship strategy?

  1. To stay in business
  2. To grow your business
  3. Your competitors are developing one

It is no secret that the key ingredient to success in business is customer satisfaction. How do you keep customers buying from you rather than your competition? How do you get your customers to refer more business to your company? 

Customer relationship management is a business strategy that emphasizes the customer as the center of business.  All business processes are centered around enhancing the customer experience.  Companies enhance the customer experience by meeting the demands of their customers better, cheaper and faster than their competition.  How can any business expect to out perform their competition without a customer relationship management (CRM) software in place to automate these proceses?

Customer relationship Management (CRM) software enables your company to automate your CRM strategy business processes using software.  If you plan to grow your company you are probably considering which CRM system to implement.  It can be quite confusing with so many options available which one is right for your company?  If you are using QuickBooks there are several options available.  We’re a big proponent of not implementing solutions with an end life or with a barrier to growth. Some of the other lower end QuickBooks CRM solutions, while not less in dollars, are certainly less scalable. Why would you go forward with a product that is limiting?

We have put together a list of 11 items to consider before purchasing QuickBooks CRM software:

  1. Can the CRM you choose grow with you and easily integrate into QuickBooks and possible ERP software systems we may switch to in the future?
  2. Do you require a web-based solution where you can access QuickBooks or a future ERP software customer related data on demand?
  3. Do you require hosting your CRM solution on-premise or through a third party?
  4. Do you require multi-tenant or single-tenant cloud architecture?
  5. Do you require mobile client compatibility?
  6. Do you require Social Media integration?
  7. Do you require inbound marketing automation using tools such as Pardot or HubSpot?
  8. Do you require the flexibility of an app exchange environment where you can add third party functionality by shopping for integrated applications?
  9. Do you require customization?
  10. Do you require software ownership or prefer to subscribe monthly/annually?
  11. What is your budget?

In consideration of the points above we recommend SugarCRM.  SugarCRM is easy to use, can accommodate business growth and integrate with so many market leading mid-market ERP software applications.  If you outgrow the functionality and database limitations of QuickBooks chances are you can still use SugarCRM with the ERP software program you choose to replace QuickBooks. SugarCRM is a single-tenant web-based cloud application. It is also available on-premise with mobile client compliance. SugarCRM has native social media integration. Organizations can leverage social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as any number of social media feeds, inside their SugarCRM user interface. Unlike proprietary CRM vendors' approach to social CRM which locks users into their system, and simply enable internal collaboration around internal data inside the corporate firewall,SugarCRM extends the existing SugarCRM social platform with unlimited external data sources to foster social business value. SugarCRM allows users to listen, monitor and aggregate social data and tie it to their existing customer information in a simple structured manner, organizing world of myriad social media data sources. SugarCRM also offers integrations with inbound marketing automation applications such as Pardot, SalesFusion and HubSpot.  This enables SugarCRM users to respond to internet and email marketing opportunity faster with better intelligence. SugarCRM has 1,000's of third party applications available for purchase via This application exchange offers users the option of purchasing extended functionality to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. SugarCRM is an easily customized open source application. SugarCRM is available via annual or monthly subscription. 

SugarCRM is the fastest growing CRM company in the world.  It is ecomonimical and easy to use just like QuickBooks SugarCRM can grow with your company and integrations exist with most of the mid-market accounting systems available today. 

Join us Thursday for our free webcast to learn 4 ways to save time and money with the QuickBooks SugarCRM integration:


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