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Increase Customer Service with Janitorial Supply Software

Increase Customer Service with Janitorial Supply Software

Integrate your Janitorial Supply Software to Improve Customer Service

Janitorial supply software is distribution software for janitorial and sanitary supply companies as well as safety and equipment, industrial paper and packaging supply companies.  Delivering cleaning supplies such as chemicals that are responsible for preventing diseases and viruses is a complex matter.  Many chemicals are classified as hazardous materials and are subject to increased shipping requirements and government regulation.  As a growing business you need software that will effectively track your inventory and handle your complex shipping and compliance requirements.  Your customers will continue to choose to do business with you if you deliver high quality customer service.  Having a modern ERP system is essential to providing improved customer service with real-time visibility and access to right kind of information at the right time.  

By implementing an inventory management system that addresses the needs of your janitorial supply and distribution company, you and your customers will benefit form the direct integration of a modern ERP system.  Real-time information flowing between the warehouse and the office staff helps save time and reduce the chance for errors.  

6 Items to Review when Measuring Customer Satisfaction

1.    Promotions and Discounts:  The order desk is unaware of janitorial supply promotions or special discounts for customers. This has cost your business too many times, and customers get upset if they don’t get the best price.
2.    Order the Wrong Electrical Supply Parts:  Customers don’t always know the part numbers to order. This happens often, and it is difficult and time consuming for your staff to determine what they want to order. Customers get frustrated, and the order desk sometimes orders the wrong item. As a result, customers get upset, and they think your company is difficult to do business with.
3.    Out of Stock Inventory:  The order desk takes orders for items that are out of stock or lack enough inventory. This occurs too often, and they cannot check across multiple warehouses or ship from alternate locations. They do not know what is in the warehouse, but already committed. They have to call the customer back often, and partial orders cannot be filled. They cannot be put on back order. As a result, customers get frustrated.
4.    Offer Alternatives for Out-of-Stock Items:  You are unable to offer substitutes for out of stock items. Customers get frustrated and orders are canceled too often.
5.    Reduce Customers Hold Times:  It takes a long time to enter and process an order.  Customers are put on hold too often, and as a result they frequently hang up.
6.    Order Status Updates and Order Cancellations:  Customers are frustrated when they call about an order. It takes too long to find the status of an order, and multiple people need to get involved. The order cannot be re-prioritized, and as result order get canceled often, which costs a lot.

Contact us to learn how your business could benefit from implementing an inventory control solution to improve inventory accuracy, simplify work processes, and save valuable time and money.  Learn how to improve customer service, customer loyalty and thereby increasing your revenue with an integrated industry specific system. By implementing a system that provides direct integration, the office staff can continue to use the accounting system and are often able to process inventory transactions in an easy to use integrated system.

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About Optimize Our Inventory

Established in 1988 and Headquartered in Orange County CA, Optimize Our Inventory is a division of aimINSIGHT Solutions, Inc. Our Vision is to serve the mid-sized Janitorial and Sanitary Supply and Distribution companies as well as a wide range of other Wholesale Distribution companies. We specialize in addressing and Bridging the Gap in technology. The goal of providing a single invoice, single shipment from multiple suppliers sources and multiple locations challenges that most Janitorial Distributors face. Our team of consultants will visit you onsite and design the solution that fits your unique budget and challenges. We have worked with most of the off the shelf software available today. Our software solution and technology consulting is designed to “Bridge the Gap” that you face. 


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