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Sage 100 ERP ManufacturingSage ERP manufacturing scheduling software allows users to optimize production capabilities while achieving realistic delivery dates critical to customer satisfaction.

These days, it's all about improved efficiency and lower manufacturing costs. If your Sage ERP software is missing this critical piece and can't deliver real-time, finite capacity production scheduling you won't want to miss this event!

Date:  Thursday June 12, 2014

Time:  10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

5 Ways Graphical - Real Time Scheduling Software Helps Sage ERP Customers

  1. Integrate all aspects of production operation – seamlessly.
  2. Accommodate multiple scheduling "what if" scenarios.
  3. Generate real-time production schedules to provide you the visibility of bottle necks and late jobs – before they are late!
  4. Provide valuable insights into your production scheduling with advanced reporting. 
  5. Improve your workflow through graphical work queues, machine efficiency reports, and data collection.

Join us to learn how Sage ERP manufacturing scheduling software allows users to quickly view actual job times, operation times, quantities, status and location – all in real time. You can customize your machine scheduling to meet your day-to-day demands and even add "what-if" scenarios to test your "drop dead" delivery dates, and plan ahead into the future to make sure you're operating at full capacity.

Sage 100 ERP Manufacturing