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Is the Stress of Year End QuickBooks Payroll Processing Taking You Down?

Is the Stress of Year End QuickBooks Payroll Processing Taking You Down?



Make sure your New Year’s Resolution for 2016

includes simplifying how you process payroll!


A Webinar Designed for Payroll Bliss


Have you ever felt like managing your payroll takes years off your life while simultaneously multiplying wrinkles? Then this webinar is designed specifically for your sanity! Instead of working longer hours and stressing out over last minute tracking of payroll items, consider how enjoyable 2016 could be without these headaches! Find out how QuickBooks Payroll can lighten your load and help you “find your bliss”.

Attend this webinar, and you will learn from ebs Associates, Inc. President/CEO Denise Loter-Koch and Advanced Certified QuickBooks Consultant Joy Huffman how these valuable tools can save you time and money. Stay ahead of the curve, and implement the necessary software applications your company needs to thrive in 2016. They will demonstrate how to:

  • Activate Intuit payroll services
  • Create and setup new employees and payroll items
  • Create paychecks, send payroll and direct deposit paychecks

Ready for More Exciting Innovations?


You won’t want to miss the chance to learn how to enter employee time into TSheets and sync employee time into QuickBooks! We will take you one step further and show you just how seamlessly TSheets integrates and syncs with QuickBooks. Through remote access capabilities to enter and track time, payment processing can be easy, and you can avoid the nuisance of human error or forgetfulness.

Don’t let processing payroll take you down next year. Register now and you'll enjoy the bliss of sending payroll and direct deposit paychecks too!




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