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Cut Costs With Level 3 Payment Processing

Cut Costs With Level 3 Payment Processing

Look into Level 3 Integrated Payments Processing When You Need to Cut Costs

Are you experiencing the pressure to reduce costs as a finance and accounting leader? One often overlooked yet easy-to-implement solution is to qualify for Level 3 payment processing. When selling to other businesses, numerous customers use commercial cards for payment. This presents you with a valuable opportunity to decrease processing expenses swiftly. Our Paya Integrated Payments solutions help save money with automated Level 3 processing and more.  

Level 3 Payments Definition

Level 3 payment processing refers to the crucial line-item details that must be included when transmitting a payment transaction. This level of processing offers the lowest interchange rates, resulting in significant cost savings for your transaction processing. However, it is essential to provide the correct level of detail to qualify for these savings.

Examples of Level 3 Line-Item Details

To qualify for the most favorable rates, you must provide 11 line-item details for Level 3 payment processing. Level 2 requires five details, while Level 1 only needs three.

Collecting all of this data may initially seem daunting, but the good news is that a significant portion of it is readily available when customers use business or government-issued cards. As for the other data, such as the transaction amount, date, customer code, invoice number, and order number, it can be effortlessly extracted directly from your integrated accounting system. This seamless integration with your payment processor ensures that the necessary details are automatically pulled, eliminating the need for any manual input.

Level 3 Acceptance is Automatic with Sage 100cloud Integration

Using an accounting system integrated for payments makes capturing and providing Level 3 payment details easy. For example, Sage 100 users have a system that is enabled and fully integrated so that you can provide Level 3 data without any manual, extra steps. Sage 100 integrated with Paya automatically gathers the data and transmits it with your card transaction. This enables those critical cost savings at a time when companies like yours are looking for creative ways to tighten their belts.

Estimating Cost Savings

To get a clearer estimation of your bottom-line savings by adhering to Level 3 data standards, let’s take a closer look at how they're calculated depending on the level of data you're passing:

  • Commercial Level 3 would be charged 1.90% + $0.10 
  • Commercial Level 2 transaction would be charged 2.50% + $0.10.
  • Your total estimated savings for providing full Level 3 detail would .60% 

It should be noted the most expensive fee downgrade is the Commercial Standard Interchange Reimbursement Fee category. If you accept a commercial credit card, don’t provide level 2 or 3 data, and fail to pass minimum requirements, you can expect to pay 1.05% more than you could have paid with Level 3. You can easily avoid this with Sage 100 integrated payments.

Start Saving with Help from Paya's Integrated Payment Experts

Paya is the leader in delivering simpler, more efficient, and deeply integrated payment solutions with more than 25 years of industry experience and 2,000+ industry customers and partners. Paya is committed to delivering best-in-class integrated payment solutions across the full suite of Sage ERP products. We are proud to be Sage’s preferred partner for Integrated Payments in the US.   

At Paya we are unique from our competitors because we emphasize solutions engineering, engaging our domain experts as part of the early sales process. Through a collaborative but simple hands-on process, we develop a deep understanding of our partners’ current processes and pain points and requirements to ensure you get a platform and system with the capabilities you need. Paya has enabled businesses to optimize billing and invoice processes, deliver more payment options and greater flexibility to their customers, and improve back-office efficiencies.

Contact Paya's Acumatica Integrated Payments team to schedule a free consultation today! 

Learn more about how our credit card processing experts, solutions, and processes can benefit your organization and save you money!! 

Learn More!

See Paya's Acumatica Integrated Payments solution on ERPVAR's site. 


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