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Success Story with a Sage 100 ERP Implementation Partner

Success Story with a Sage 100 ERP Implementation Partner

Working Together with a Sage 100 ERP Implementation Partner

For the team at Automotive Service Products (ASP), having a collaborative Sage 100 ERP implementation partner was the key to a successful implementation from day one. In the past, the old system was choking with data files that reached capacity and it could not keep up with the increasing volume of transactions. Today when an order is processed and shipped, customers receive an order acknowledgment immediately by email directly from Sage 100 ERP and Paperless Office. Now ASP's finance team can easily process high-volume transactions and customers love the speedy process. Read more about ASP's relationship with Oasis and how they set them up for success.

Let Oasis Improve Your Current Processes & Set You Up For Success

Challenges and Needs

ASP has been in business since 1986 supporting independent Distributors with forms, supplies, and printing needed by the automotive industry. Today, the business has grown to offer more than 2,600 products with three locations. They are a leader in full-service wholesale suppliers and trade print manufacturers for in-stock and custom items. Oasis and Sage 100 ERP are critical assets arming ASP with modern business processes and technology.  

They’re business process people who understand distribution, know our company, and help us get the most out of technology,” he says. “They’ve been terrific in guiding and advising us. I tell them what we’re trying to accomplish operationally and they always come back with creative ways of leveraging our system. The collaboration works well and everyone I’ve dealt with at Oasis is an A+.

- Jeff Koenig, VP Sales and Marketing at ASP

A Collaborative Sage 100 Implementation Partner

Before Sage 100 was implemented by Oasis, it was difficult for ASP to grow the businesses because the systems couldn't keep up with the increasing demand. For example, it took several hours each day to print and mail invoices that could take up to 6 days to reach customers on the West coast.

ASP trusts Oasis because they have the experience with transforming businesses with best processes and knowledge of Sage 100 to apply technology to overcome the challenges of a growing company. Jeff Koenig states, "Our secret to success is that we leverage technology and run a lean operation. Both Oasis Solutions and Sage 100 ERP play a critical role in that." Click here for the full success story and find more Oasis testimonials. 

The Oasis Difference

If you decided to implement Sage 100, then you’re already off to a great start! It’s flexible, customizable and robust enough to help your business be more productive for the long term. Our ERP consultants are available to help you avoid costly mistakes before your next ERP implementation. 

Since 1991, Oasis Solutions has been serving businesses throughout North America with software consulting, development, training, and support. Oasis is an award-winning business management software partner for Sage 100 software, NetSuite, and Workday Adaptive Planning.

Oasis has been around since before technology was a buzzword, assisting businesses in assessing, attaining and supporting business management software.

Our team has more than 350 years of combined industry experience. Our software specialists offer expertise in accounting, human resource management, and custom software development. Unlock your company’s full potential and discover how to start improving your business today with your custom Oasis Analysis.

If you are planning to implement a new ERP or have recently implemented an ERP, contact us at Oasis Solutions to objectively evaluate the project. We will provide value by helping you achieve the success you expected and help you grow and thrive with your business. Call 502.429.6902. Let's Chat!


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