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Why ISVs Work with ERPVAR

  • ISVs work with ERPVAR to increase the awareness of their add-on via ERPVAR's collaborative community.  If you are an ISV learn more here.

Why ERP Partners Work with ERPVAR

  • ERP partners work with ERPVAR to leverage our community of ERP experts.  We are an outsourced marketing agency working exclusively with ERP partners and ISVs to generate inbound leads with custom ERP VAR and ERP ISV campaigns. 
  • As certified HubSpot Inbound Marketing platform partners, we implement, support and train our HubSpot ERP partner and ISV clients as an extension of their marketing team.  
  • In addition to custom ERP partner and ISV marketing campaigns, our popular website attracts leads with ERP partner directories, ISV add-on directories, expert blog content and expert webinars.

Together, We Accomplish More!

ERP software prospects are seeking assistance from local ERP software experts like you to help in their review of ERP software packages and to implement, train and support them in the future. 

  • Learn how your guest blogging efforts combined with the ERPVAR community can benefit your company and help convert leads for your local territory.
  • Each expert blog is sent via email to the respective ERP software blog subscriber list.
  • Our network of multiple third party ERP software add-on developers are seeking to assist you in co-promoting their products to your local customers
  • Learn how to leverage the combined social networks from this site to maximize the reach of your blogging efforts and build your website SEO
  • Each VAR has city listing for high SEO ranking

ISVs and VARS Collaborate to Grow

ERP software prospects are seeking enhancements for their existing accounting and business management ERP solution are using the web to research options.  Use the power of ERPVAR to co-promote your solution and receive leads!

  • Our network of VARs are willing to co-promote ISV solutions to their customers and prospects
  • Leverage the combined social networks from this site to maximize the reach of your blogging efforts and build your website SEO
  • Each webcast campaign is promoted by mulitple VARS and/or ISV's
  • Let us show you how it works!

A Few Testimonials

"One of our strategic initiatives for 2018 was to replace our open-source WordPress website. This initiative was critical to rebranding our webpages to align more closely with our parent organization and the WordPress tools and gadgets had become obstacles towards the creative vision we had designed. The second important factor was implementing marketing automation tools to increase our campaign effectiveness and data analytics. We chose HubSpot with assistance from ERPVAR to deliver this project.

ERVPAR and, especially Adrian, were instrumental in our website transformation project. Adrian and team helped us optimize our page content, convert our pages to HubSpot and, most importantly, maintain our SEO performance by configuring our topic clusters in HubSpot.

Adrian has already provided training and best practices to my marketing team to reduce the learning curve and provide a foundation for us to be self-sufficient.

I would recommend ERPVAR to assist with your HubSpot projects, website design and SEO optimization.  We are excited about our website potential and its lead-generation capabilities utilizing the campaign tactics with buyer personas and workflows.

Thank you for your help and expertise!"


Walt Goodfield

"Can't say enough about the ERPVAR team.  They have been an integral part of our marketing efforts for the past 6 years and we've seen major growth in inbound marketing results during this time." Highly recommend!    

~ Caroline Rua - Sales & Marketing at V-Technologies

Caroline Rua
VP Sales and Marketing StarShip, V-Technologies, LLC

“We started working with ERPVAR in 2014 to help promote our e-Commerce solutions for Sage 100.  Our collaborative ERPVAR webinars have introduced us to qualified prospects and valuable new customers.  ERPVAR is a great supplement to our marketing team and instrumental to our success!” 

– Andy Teteyan – President of CertiPro Solutions















Andy Teteyan
President of CertiPro Solutions

“Where do I start?  American Payment Solutions first engaged ERPVAR in 2015 and we have been using their services ever since. ERPVAR’s implementation and management of our HubSpot inbound marketing system has been essential to our growth. Reports verify that we earned 1048 net new contact conversions between utilizing ERPVAR’s webinar campaigns and net new contact conversions on our own internal website forms in 2018.  This is an increase of over 73% in 2018 compared to 2017.

I highly recommend ERPVAR’s inbound marketing services to any ERP VAR or ISV eager to grow.”

Patty Benitez
Senior Vice President, Channel Partner Sales

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Patty Benitez
Senior Vice President, Channel Partner Sales

“I first engaged ERPVAR in January of 2018.  The team at ERPVAR makes it is easy to execute our collaborative campaigns. They know our business and are experts at communicating our capabilities to solve our prospects business problems with our automated business process solutions.  The collaborative webinars have enhanced our relationships with the ISV’s that we have partnered with and have generated several leads that resulted in sales. 

Thank you ERPVAR!  I look forward to working with you in 2019!”

Joseph Jenders, CPA
President / Shareholder

#1 JobOps Solution Provider in the Nation 2006 - 2017

Vrakas/Blum Computer Consulting, Inc.

445 South Moorland Road, Suite 400 
Brookfield, WI 53005
office:  262-797-0400

direct:  262-798-7615
fax:      262-797-7895








Joseph Jenders, CPA
President / Shareholder

Stratotech Partners Testimonial for ERPVAR 3/29/19


“We have worked with ERPVAR for over a year now as our out-sourced Marketing Department. As a young company, we don’t have those skills in-house, so we turned to Adrian and Kathy to fill that role. They helped us tune up our website to improve our SEO ranking. They also worked with us to improve our blogging and guided us through the world of social media to help build our list of followers. They found us a prospect through their site who became our first direct customer.


We look forward to working with them to execute our 2019 marketing plan and continue to drive traffic to our site to help grow our business.


We definitely recommend these ERP industry marketing experts to anyone who wants to grow their business.


Art Olsen


Stratotech Partners, LLC.

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Art Olsen

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