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Acumatica ERP Boston, MA consultants 

Why Customers Choose NexVue Computer Consulting

The world of ERP has changed with the introduction of Modern ERP. The latest advancements in ERP platforms enable your company to Achieve More value from every dollar and hour you invest in your company. To Achieve More you also need to work with an ERP Partner that has proven both vision and focus.

Ten years ago after much research, we made a strategic decision to focus completely on a new, modern ERP solution. We became a founding Acumatica Partner because we understood and embraced the vision for a platform-based ERP solution. Today, NexVue is one of the most experienced Acumatica partners in North America. We invested in learning Acumatica from every angle; from the front-end application to the deepest levels of the development framework.

Vision to Empower You to Achieve More

The ability to Achieve More with ERP is based on the vision your ERP Partner can provide to YOU.

Vision is critical for modern ERP Partners. We are no longer just helping you with transaction processing. Your ERP Partner needs vision to help optimize every corner of your business.

To turn this vision into reality through the design of optimal client solutions and workflows, an ERP Partner must have a complete understanding of the ERP framework, combined with experience and situational fluency to understand your business drivers.

Our 360⁰ understanding of the Acumatica platform and framework, our decades of industry experience and our ability to understand and adapt to our clients’ business environments combine to give NexVue a unique ability to craft solutions built on a vision for YOUR success.

Acumatica New York-1ERP Implementation Services with over 500 up and running

100% 5-star “Very Satisfied” Acumatica Customer Satisfaction ratings. You Achieve More with your ERP System when you Expect More from your ERP Implementation Partner

        • When you engage with NexVue, you can expect more than just a software sale and implementation.
        • You can expect NexVue to take your unique business and industry requirements into account throughout the process.
        • You can expect us to guide you to or build for you the best possible solution on the Acumatica platform.
        • You can expect us to be engaged in your business throughout the life-cycle of your solution, helping you make the most of the system and working with you to adapt it as your needs change.
        • You can expect excellence in business intelligence and reporting based on industry-leading experience.
        • You can expect us to always be managing your business risk.
        • We have never had a failed implementation or had to roll back a go-live.